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August 31 2009

Trailer for "The Killing Jar" co-starring Amber Benson. "A stranger armed with a shotgun takes seven patrons hostage in a remote roadside diner."

Great to see Amber again though, I must admit, that's a pretty twisted looking movie. Still, I'll give it a watch.

Thanks, RavenU, so happy you're still with us.
I actually sort of like how horrifying this concept is--random psychos in ordinary environments, particularly diners. There was a pretty good arc like that in The Sandman once.

As for this iteration, I'm sort of curious what stock role Amber's playing. I could see it being either the ingenue or the psychotic (but in this case still right) reactionary woman. I'd like to know her odds of surviving before I watch the movie. Same with that Ron Jeremy horror movie she was in.
Indulge me for a moment as I count the ways in which that trailer did not look terrible:
random psychos in ordinary environments, particularly diners. There was a pretty good arc like that in The Sandman once

I was thinking exactly the same thing - issue #6 with John Dee/Destiny holding everyone hostage in the Diner. A horrific and awesome early issue. Mildly tempted by this with Harrold Perrineau (I miss The Unusuals) and Michael Madsen, though it doesn't look the greatest, IMO. It has to be better than Strictly Sexual, though. Oof.
If I were ever to build a remote roadside diner I think i'd avoid remote areas and also possibly roadsides - the numbers are clearly not on your side.

Helluva cast in what looks to be a not fantastic trailer IMO (and I do mean "looks" since I don't have sound to hear it with at the moment). Still, trailers can be deceptive that way.
That was awful. I cringe for those actors who I know can put on a decent performance.
I'm not shure about this one but I'll give it a go. Amber Benson, Michael Madsen and Danny Trejo in one film? Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.
It never occurred to me that the guy in the diner in early Sandman was John Dee/Destiny from the regular DC comics universe (though I didn't see his cartoon debut until years later, so the connection wouldn't have been obvious--I forget if it was in Superman: The Animated Series or Justice League, but I remember it was pretty creepy. One of the darker eps too, complete with skin peeling away, some strongly implied torture, and wife death). There're probably dozens of DC Universe refs I didn't get in Sandman. The only ones that stick out in my mind are Batman, Swamp Thing, Constantine, Etrigan, and Poison Ivy's appearances (wasn't fond of the connections at the time, didn't know going in that it sorta-kinda-but-not-really took place in the main DCU, at least for the first few storylines. Eventually it seemed to separate).

Trailer doesn't do this film any favors, except that the way the gun violence (or threat of gun violence) is edited together, I found the suspensefulness/potential brutality fairly effective. A lot of the line delivery sounded awful though, even a couple of Amber's. Maybe in context it'll work better. This direct to video ?
In a recent interview, I thought Amber promised the fans she wouldn't do movies where her character dies, at least for a while. Maybe that means her character doesn't die? Hey, maybe her character goes all judo and takes the wacko out, which would be a better ending than the norm. Well, I can dream...

Think I'll skip this one. Amber doesn't look like she's playing a kick-ass here. She needs to play more kick-ass roles.
Well, if it has a twist like Deathproof, then I'm in. That movie also looked cheesy on the outside...
orangewaxlion:Per folks who've seen it, Amber doesn't die in One-Eyed Monster and she plays a tough cookie. However, her amount of on-screen time is less than ideal.

Once I'm able, I intend to get this; I plan to get every film she's had more than a one-liner in, except for Taboo and Intermedio. Soemtimes being a fan requires sacrifices, including sitting thru some things.

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