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September 01 2009

Season 3 of The Guild kicks off on MSN. I bet Sandeep Parikh hated to do this episode...

No doubt. Also, great to see Wil Wheaton in Leverage and The Guild in short succession. Right on; great start to Season Three, Guildies!
Heh, "self-pity ice cream: old lady butter pecan" (aw, and she says it like a Brit might, all "peh-cawn" instead of "pee-can").

Re: getting excited about new character hairstyles (or any kind of appearance/fashion upgrade in games)...My dude just bought a PS3 last week and I know this is already a thing in World of Warcraft and other online games, but having to pay actual cash for your Playstation Network avatar ? It's not even a game you can do anything more than socialize in (like a stunted version of Second Life or something like that), it's a fancy chat room with chess more than anything (but damn I love playing chess on it). Why pay real life cash for a pretend hat or pair of fancy pants for my pretend-me (who is quite accurate thanks to my bud's attention to detail, aside from the blue hair he gave me instead of my standard non-dyed brown, but I kinda like it) ?
Nice. Vork would make a stew out of stuff he found outside a Game Stop.
Definitely a badass-entrance for Wil.
Also: Shopping-Cart-Lady seems to be Kim Evey. I may never again be able to watch her in the shower(*) without thinking about this outfit. Ever.

(*)Just in case: That's a reference to one of her other shows. Don't call the police.

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Stupid Tall Hot Girl does roll right off the tongue, lol. It's just fun to say.

Not even the homeless lady would eat Vork's homemade drumsticks. And was that a training potty in his tent?

This season looks like it's going to be epic. I hope they kick Anarchy butt.
Best thing ever was the entrance for Wil and the other guild.

Great shot. Epic shot even.

I hope everything resolves though, I hate when my favorite characters are fighting (I almost dropped House when he and Wilson were at odds and not really speaking to each other because it's just unsettling).
Heehee. Wil Wheaton looked more badass than I thought possible. Great entrance.
hacksaway: "And was that a training potty in his tent?"

Nice catch, hacksaway - it's only on for a second or two.

My Quote for the Day is this, from Bladezz:
"Working is soul-crushing. I can't believe adults live like this."

So looking forward to seeing more of "WHIL WHEATON"* and the Axis of Anarchy.

* Sorry, this link won't work for you if you can't go to
I hope they kick Anarchy butt.

So do I, but the Knights of Good won't start on that until they avoid being each other's worst enemy.
Nothing promotes team bonding like a common enemy. And fart jokes.
I think I'll put on my Axis of Anarchy button and watch it again.
That was super fun. Got to catch it on the Xbox earlier, but I love being able to watch this series wherever I am. I am surpised that no one has mentioned the kilt yet. Where's Haunt when ya need him?
Great start to the new season, I can't wait to see Will Wheaton (and the Axis of Anarchy, where can I get a button?) go down! Cutting in line is the ultimate evil.
I traded a False b!X button for my Axis of Anarchy button.
A current viral marketing contest is about to award a couple Guild-branded Zune's for the best 110-character Twitter REVIEW of Season 3 Episode 1 "Expansion Time". Tweets must be submitted before 10p.m. PST today (Sept 1, 2009.)
Ah QuoterGal, so happy I'm not the only one who can't say Wil Wheaton's name to myself without having Stewie's voice superimposed over the top of mine.

Sunfire, er Brits do say "pee-can" for pecan. Unless maybe if you're the queen.

Nice episode, though I feel like I need to go back and rewatch the end of series 2 to freshen my memory.
digupherbones, that was me commenting on Felicia's pronunciation of the nut, although Sunfire posted right below me, so there's where the mix-up came from.

korkster, who was wearing the kilt ?
Re: pecan @kris: it's more likely due to Felicia having grown up in the Texas, where the "peh-cawn" pronunciation is dominant.
korkster, who was wearing the kilt ?

Watch it again.
The first episode lived up to expectations, and seeing Kim dressed like that was hilarious! Felicia popped into The Guild chat today and told us that the 'stew' was made of cheetos, hot dog bits and a mousetrap. Your standard recipe, then! And also that Kim actually ate it.

It just goes to show that being friends with Felicia is not always hugs and puppies.
It just goes to show that being friends with Felicia is not always hugs and puppies.

Did we suspect it was?

Don't hurt me.
Great to see that again. I saw it at Comic Con and the roar from the crowd when Wil Wheaton was revealed was huge. You can read about it from his viewpoint here.
Ah, I must've not noticed because the camera didn't tilt all the way down to legs. Wil Wheaton is wearing a kilt !

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