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September 01 2009

Geeks On Gina Torres. Gina Torres visits the wonderful geeks of for a chat about the role of women in Sci Fi. (Link goes directly to the mp3, as the website is still showing the previous podcast.)

Interview starts around 20 minutes in.

Joss to Gina "There's nothing I'd rather see than Zoe, big and pregnant, bare foot on the loading dock with a gun" Awwww, I wish we could have seen that. Lol.
Best podcast out there. Unfortunately they don't update it is much as they used to. Still, great interview.

Check out their Episode Archives for interviews with Joss, Christina Hendrix, and...hmmm. seems like there was one more Whedon alum. At any rate, check it out.
Aaron Hendricks, one of the four hosts of the show, is Christina Hendricks' brother.

Early in the show's run, the other hosts would tease him by saying things like, "We can't help it if you sister's hot, dude."

Joss Whedon did visit the show as a guest once, but they didn't interview him so much include him in a conversation about artificial intelligence or something. The show wasn't about him at all, he was more of a guest-host, which I thought was actually really cool.
Lisa Lassek is a friend of the show, and once in a while she hosts with them.
Wow, that was a great interview - Gina is very impressive!

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