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September 01 2009

11 ways Supernatural's Dean Winchester is like Buffy Summers. The similarities are uncanny. Well, except that one's a dude.

I also tend to think these two would break just about every piece of furniture in a 4 block radius if they were around each other for longer than an hour or two.
Wait... are we talking violence, or the other kind of violence... the S6 Spuffy kind?
The similarities are really interesting. I'd add that they've both gone on an interesting journey of attaining self-awareness, both with interesting results. Buffy learned that she wasn't finished learning about herself yet (among many other things), and Dean's began to realize the importance of having an identity separate from his family.

I also think the two of them meeting would kick ass, though it would most likely end up with Dean in traction due to his smart mouth. ;)
Well, they both occasionally have sex with women ... :)
This has given me a new found respect for Dean. Looking forward to S5 now.
I never thought of Buffy as "ditzy".
Well, I disagree with the Buffy 'ditzy' part. Otherwise, this seems fairly spot on.

Haha, good one, ern. :)
SPN & BtVS being my two obsessions, I always check this kind of article out. There are a lot of similarities & Kripke has certainly given homage to Joss (& Ben Edlund being a SPN writer has given it a lot of the same feelings at times.) Though I think a few of this author's points are weak.
while I don't know much about his character I hope one difference they find is that Sarah can actually act...I've tried watching supernatural several times... but all I see is Dean from Gilmore girls and the guy who played Eric on Days of our Lives... I just can't watch it... no matter how cool the story lines seem.
JA is a GREAT actor. He has come a long way from his DOOL stint, imo. I fell in love with his character pretty much right away. Another good point, he's just as gorgeous as SMG.

I'd love to see a Buffy and Supernatural cross-over, these two could REALLY identify with each other.
I always thought that Supernatural was a rip-off of Buffy.
Nothing new here...:)

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