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September 01 2009

Cap'n Tightpants ranks #8 on Top Sci-Fi Characters list. The Sci-Fi Block has posted their list of the top 10 science fiction characters of all time and our own Malcolm Reynolds makes the list.

"Mal not only has a great one-liner loaded and ready at all times, he also always has a trick up his sleeve as well as the knowhow to get his crew through the toughest situations."

Dr. Manhattan needs to be booted right off that list. Boring character, horrible movie (the Director should never be allowed anywhere near a movie set ever again).
Dr. Manhattan is meant to be boring, though. That's who he is. He knows everything and has a life of nothingness because of it. Not particularly sure he should be on that list, but then again, I'm not sure of who should actually be on it. It's an odd one because its so broad, and you'll always end up with the Star Trek/Wars convention.
Great to see our Captain Tightpants on the list. :)
Eh, there are plenty of other interesting characters who STARTED in Cinema--Kirk, Spock, Mal, and Manhattan all started in other media, and THEN moved onto the big screen.
Picking John Connor over Sarah Connor is an odd choice. She's the real icon of the series, IMHO.
It's possible dispatch. I sort of agree and sort of don't. She IS the charecter that Cameron focuses on, but if you look over the entire arc of both characters it is really John's destiny that she is fulfilling. He is also the character who really has the most to go through.

But on what we've seen from the actual Terminator series SO FAR, I actually agree. I just think if you really wanted to delve into John, there's probably much more you could do.

Also digging the love for Luke Skywalker since most lists I've seen rank him far lower than both Vader and Solo.

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What? Luke Skywalker? Han Solo? Kirk? They do understand the meaning of the word 'interesting' don't they?

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