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September 01 2009

David Boreanaz and his wife welcome a baby girl. Her name is Bardot.

Awww. Cngrats to them. :)
Is it awful of me to think that Aurora Boreanaz would be a great name?

And congratulations to the new parents!

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Hee hee. Maybe next baby.


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Well, Bardot Boreanaz has a nice ring, too. Congrats!
Awwwwwwwwwww..... Bardot?
Bardot Vita Boreanaz

Bardot - French
Vita Italian (Life)
Boreanaz - Spanish

Looks that David likes Latin languages.
Unusual name, but congratulations to them!

Also awwwwwwwwwwww!!! :)

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Best. Name. Ever.
Congrats to David & his wife.
Congratulations! God Bless!
Jaden Rayne and Bardot Vita Boreanaz?


I wonder if they named her for Brigitte?

I bet he's relieved - now he can go further than 20 miles away. Heh. Not that he will, 'cause he's a responsible father. But at least he won't be a nervous wreck if he has to.
Congratulations to them!!!!
If anyone is wondering it. Vita in Italian means Life.
Bardot Vita has a beautiful sound. Musical. Good long vowels.
Congratulations to the lucky parents!
Heehee, koyaanisquatsi, did you attend a certain trivia night recently, or was that just a huge coincidence? ;)

Congrats to David and Jaime!
I think Bardot's a wonderful girl's name, very crisp & full-sounding. However, I don't know how she'll do being called Barry - some girls can pull that sort of thing off . . . .
It's in the water. Really, it is! There was an environmental study a couple years ago about the cause of high female births here in the US, and it being caused by waste water not being treated very good when it goes back in our waterways.
So it isn't a surprise anymore when I hear "It's a girl"!
And yes, Bordot is a nice, classy name.
Awwww... That's great. Cngrats to them.
It's a nice name, but maybe they just didn't think of Aurora because THAT is brilliant.
Congrats to both of them!
Bardot Boreanaz, huh?

I don't know how it is for children with famous parents, but I know for a fact, a regular American kid with that name walks into school on the first day and introduces herself to the class is a wedgie waiting to happen.

GIRL: My name is Bardot Boreanaz
FRONT ROW: *snerk* Say WHAT?!

I'm not saying it's a bad name, actually I think it's lovely. Bardot sounds like the name of a beautiful woman. But for a 6-year-old in a US public school, it'd be killer. Kids are ruthless.

Hope she's home-schooled.
does anyone know the how to pronounce that? Is the T silent? Sometimes I think celebrities like to out do each other with the names. If Sarah has a boy maybe when they grow up they will do the horrible remake movie of Buffy- 20 years from now. ha ha ha
Not anymore Batman. That was true when I was a kid but students nowadays have all kinds of "unique" names. Even when they have a common name they tend to spell it crazy. Maybe it's only here in LA but people really go out of their way to give their kids one-of-a-kind names.

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Congratulations, David and Jamie!
Boreanaz is Spanish? I al;ways thought it was Czech!

"Corn grits," David and Jaimie!
Aw, that's sweet and congratulations to them.

Just a guess, but Brigitte Bardot is a huge animal rights person so maybe it's an homage to her because of David's personal views?
Boreanaz is Italian from the Slovenian border (which explains the non-Italian -az ending). It's David's mother who is Czech. Although he looks *very* Slavic (which is why he looks more Czech/Slovene than Italian) and not at all Italian to me (though northern Italians probably do have heavily Slavic eastern European and/or central European blood).

Bardot = named after Brigitte Bardot, an old-time French actress and fashion icon (pronounced "Bar-doe")
Vita = Latin/Italian for "life"

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