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September 02 2009

The trailer for Trucker co-starring Nathan Fillion is online. The flick is being shopped and promoted as possible Oscar-bait for star Michelle Monaghan. Film opens October 9th.

This looks like it could be very good.
That trailer sold me. I'm glad NF is continuing to do thoughtful indy films like this and that pie movie. (Er, Waitress.)
How does a guy from Edmonton manage to play an American good ol' boy so well?
Jeez, that wasn't funny at all and where are the little people ?

... OK, Google says this isn't actually based on the Pratchett book, my bad.

Saw the trailer the other day and thought it looked pretty decent, we all know Nathan's got range but it's nice to see him get to show it. Hopefully it'll get a UK release.
Trucker will get a UK release but it will be limited so watch out for it carefully or you'll miss it.

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