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September 01 2009

Marc Blucas joins Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in "Wichita". Our ex-Initiative soldier is rising in the ranks of Hollywood and Co., co-starring with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in this forthcoming spy-caper.

I may have to hold my nose and see this movie, love Marc, but can't stand Cruise.
rehabber, aside from Marc Blucas, it might also encourage you to know that this film has its director going for it (also one of the writers). James Mangold has written-directed Girl, Interrupted, Walk the Line, and solely directed 3:10 to Yuma (haven't seen that last one, but everyone tells me it was pretty good). He also co-wrote one of my favorite non-fantasy-epic Disney animations, Oliver & Company (it's that headlining Billy Joel song that initially did it), but given that there seem to be a few dozen contributors to that one's writing, maybe he can't be credited with much.

Like Cameron Diaz in some stuff. She's great when given quality script to work with. So's Cruise, sometimes. I see Maggie Grace is in it as well (Shannon from Lost, or the daughter from Taken, if you like--Taken the Liam Neeson film, not the Steven Spielberg-produced alien abduction TV series).
This sounds like something I will see-especially now. Thanks :o)

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