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September 02 2009

EW's Popwatch: "Joss Whedon, Master of Cult TV". Nice article over at EW covering all things Whedon.

... Although for much of the text, they seem to have cribbed their own notes from the "Televisionaries" article posted early.

Good overview, except for this bit of misinformation: "The WB dropped Buffy in its fifth season, forcing Whedon to develop a storyline...while also scrambling to find a new home for the show..." Not quite, as those who were around then remember: WB wanted to renew, but UPN offered a better deal during (difficult) contract negotiations.

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Also, the first season of Buffy only had 12 episodes, not 13.
"Neil Patrick Harris (who[...]was in the running for a series regular role on Firefly)"

Really? Who was he supposed to be? I can only imagine him as Wash, but that's because I know him best as Barney and so can't imagine him being the straight man as Simon.
@jamesthegill: I think NPH tried out for Simon, actually - anyone got a link for that?

And yes, this article seems to have a lot of bad info (Firefly had a total of 14 episodes shot, not 13). Still it's nice to see Joss getting more of his due.
Yes, it was Simon. He mentions it in this interview.
What exactly does "distaff" mean?
It's not that staff, it's dis one.

(means pertaining to women. Which BTW, I think is missing Dollhouse's point somewhat - the objectification/identity/exploitation issues mainly affect women but not exclusively)
Came here to comment of the "Buffy was dropped by the WB" myth, glad I'm not the only one to spot that. They didn't drop it, they were fighting for it but got outbid.
Though they did do their best to imply that the series was over when the last few episodes of season 5 were airing.
It would have been sweet to see NPH in Firefly later on though, in whatever role. He pretty much rules.
I always felt that the low ratings for Buffy and Angel had to do (in part) with the fact that the WB and UPN weren't even available across the country. Speaking for Eastern Iowa: we didn't get the WB until Buffy's 4th season, and we never got UPN at all (however I could watch on Fox later after it aired, something the local Fox station arranged because of public demand).

Anyway this is a great article, I'm really happy they included Paley Fest, the Harvard Humanist speech and the Equality Now speech.

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