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September 02 2009

Julie Benz in Boondock Saints II trailer! The trailer for Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day has gone online, and features Julie Benz in a lead role.

Wow I didn't even recognize her. Great to see her in another big part.
Yeah, saw this trailer on /film earlier. Looks really cool
and, of course, Julie looks great in it.
Speaking as the... ahem... Irish Cowgirl: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!
Well, to parody the first YouTube comment (when I viewed it):

"I'm speechless ... I can't wait to never see this."

Dire. Really sad to see her in dross like this after her spectacular stint on Dexter.
Dross? Did mine ears deceive me? As everyone knows, Troy Duffy inspired Joss Whedon to create Buffy (probably...not). Seriously though, Boondock Saints, while undeniably a bad movie, is a bad movie in the vein of Bad Boys and Independence Day and Armageddon. And where would we be without Armageddon you ask? Well, the world would have never heard I Don't Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith, and would have been a much sadder place to live as a result.
I would agree that the original was a great bad movie, with a few interesting moments. But the trailer makes the sequel look like a scene-for-scene rehash of the original, with extra violence. Meh.
Anyone else notice that Sean Patrick Flanery looks really weird in that. It almost looks like there's a "Botox gone wrong" incident involved there...
i think that boondock saints is a good good movie, and im happy that julie's playing an apparently major role in the film
In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti
great looking legs.
great looking legs even when you aren't contrasting them with Willem Dafoe in fishnets (groan.) I am glad to see JB take on another role. Of course, I'd watch anything with JB in it.
I can't believe you guys are comparing the excellence of Boondock Saints to the Independence Day or Bad Boys. Get a grip dudes! I do get that Boondock Saints isn't a movie for everybody, probably not one for most people, but even if you don't like it, please don't go comparing it to the mainstream crap like the ones mentioned...

That being said, I both hope and fear about the sequel. The cast is a plus, including Julie, so it could be good. There's quite a long time between the movies, which either means that Troy Duffy had time to come up with something great before making it, or it could as well mean that he just ran out of money and wants to cash out on the sequel. I really hope it's the first option...
Finally! I've been waiting for this sequel way too long!

I don't like the "clean" look though.
Didn't need a sequel to this, but it might be fun (and yeah, if you're gonna label it a good-bad movie, it doesn't belong in the same camp as Armageddon and Independance Day...I never actually saw Bad Boys).

To be honest, I hadn't even heard about this. Wow, and they got everyone back (except a cross-dressing Willem Dafoe, aww--I thought his kooky character helped make the original more fun in addition to the two brothers and all the slick isn't-this-so-cool-ness).
Tough crowd here, I really liked the first movie. The preview looks good to me and Julie looks fantastic! I wasn't holding my breath for a sequel but I will definitely see this.
Other than Julie's entrance and fabulous legs... Um, yuuuuck! Gross. Super blech! Looks like yet another gangster glorification movie.
The first movie at least raised some interesting questions about violence for a good cause -- the closing montage really redeemed it -- but unless they explore similar issues here, I don't see the point.
I thought the first one was well written but very cheesily directed. However, some of the guys who worked on it made a truly excellent documentary called 'Overnight' about how Troy Duffy went from being 'the next Tarantino' to having a massive attack of ego and pissing of the Weinsteins so thoroughly that no one would distribute Boondock Saints. Well worth a watch.
There is no point. Just dark humor, action and Billy Connoly!

Ever seen Sledge Hammer (the tv series)? Much like the same. It's violent but funny. Sometimes you just need to stop thinking and go with the flow. It's a movie for crying out loud!

@Gil-Martin: I have that on my Boondock Saints dvd, he really was a douche back then.

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