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September 02 2009

Dollhouse premieres today in Italy and Spain. Fox Italy is showing "Ghost" tonight at 9:10 pm (Link in Italian), Fox Spain has it on 10:15 pm (Link in Spanish).

Fox Italy also has three Buffy S4 eps on today. Quite a Whedonfest over there.
Did Ireland ever get it? Anyone know?
Not to my knowledge. The only international pickups I know of that still have no premiere date are France (M6 and/or TÚva) and New Zealand (I think it's still not clear whether it's on TV3 or C4). There's also apparently a second Spain-pickup by Cuatro, but I don't know what that's about (and when it might premiere there).

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Yes, yay, finally..from here in Italy, oh happy day!!!
I'm hosting a communal viewing with all my friends who don't have a satellite for Fox.. But I hope some cable channel also picks it up, like in Spain (I think that's what the double pickup there is about, if their tv system is similar to ours), otherwise many people won't be able to watch it..
Buffy is still on air in Spain today. In fact, I think today we have "All the way" and "Once more with feeling" tomorrow, at 7PM. It's hillarious to discuss the show with my students and spreading the word! ;)

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Fox here in spain is a pay per view channel, Cuatro is a free one. last year we got the news that Cuatro had bought the rights, so the fox thing came actually suddenly from nowhere while we were waiting. Dont know how this works, if Cuatro gave them up, or you have to wait till the pay per view channel has aired them to air it for free or whatever...

Few people (relatyvily, i mean) have Fox in Spain, so dont expect miracles.

Buffy is on repeat. From time to time, they air the series from the beginning to the end, just like that.
So it works exactly the same in Italy and Spain, with Fox vs "free" tv.. Except in Italy no "free" tv has bought the show yet.. But I'll be working on getting people to see the show and love it despite that..
One hour to the beginning here in Italy now..Countdown begins..
Hey jothecat... good luck with the early episodes. I hope you like them more than I did.
I..ehm..already saw the whole season..Actually, being aware that the show begins kinda slowly is what made me decide to watch it with my I can keep them excited for how it continues, given that I know that it gets muuuch better.. ;-)
Less than half an hour now..!
well good luck with keeping your friends on board, I lost my dad to Dollhouse after watching the first episode... I really don't blame him, but I wish he would have held on for episode 6... unfortunately not everyone has as much that Joss will eventually bring the awesome.
For picky viewers (like my sister and her boyfriend), I'm starting with the original pilot and then jumping right to episode 6. I can't blame your dad -- if I wasn't a diehard Joss fan, I probably would have drifted away after "Ghost" too.
Do the Fox execs take foreign syndication into account when considering renewal? I know it would only play a small part in their calculations even if they do, but I was just wondering.
Do the Fox execs take foreign syndication into account when considering renewal? I know it would only play a small part in their calculations even if they do, but I was just wondering.

The Fox Broadcasting Company execs don't, but 20th Century Fox TV (who's selling the show to FBC) does. That means that if 20th suspects that the series will make a ton of money overseas, in the DVD sales, via merchandise or any other non-US-airing related venue, they might lower the price for a new season for FBC, gambling that in the long term it'll pay off. Kinda like what happened when Dollhouse was renewed for a second season.
I don't know if Fox execs take foreign ratings into account, but I know several of my fav shows have not been properly aired in Italy despite continuing in US, because of low ratings..Angel is an example..I remember the first season being aired around midnight in 2003, and the second one being aired only years later on digital/satellite channels.. So that's why I hope Dollhouse has good ratings here too.. In any case, I'll keep watching online and buying the dvds anyway..
By the way, if you're wildly curious, one friend of mine really liked the show-cause she also was a fan of Eliza from True Calling.. The others said it's interesting and they'll give it a shot.. I feel quite accomplished..;-)P
Did yesterday's episode get edited in Italy?
I'm not sure, Simon..I'm waiting for my dvds to arrive for a full original re-watch, and honestly, till I rewatch, I have no precise memory of every scene of the very first eps.. But since the dvds should arrive very soon now, I'll soon be able to tell you how they're handling it..!

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