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September 03 2009

Exclusive clip from Dollhouse 'Epitaph 1'. Empire Magazine covers the Dollhouse R2 DVD release.

I got an email from today saying that it'd shipped.
Sweet! Where's my email!
And mine? I pre-ordered it the fisrt day!
Me too. I was so psyched when i got the email. Cant wait to get it so i can re-watch and lend it to my sis who still hasnt watched it!
Have most Region 2-ers on here waited for the DVDs/Blu-Rays to see the ep, or seen it off of iTunes/Amazon/torrent ?

Just got done seeing Jed Whedon and Maurissa T's videos on their NervousCircus Youtube channel. Some hilarious stuff in there, not to mention quality singing and they're ridiculously cute.
I watched it on TV and now i think about why is this an exclusive clip when it's already aired on TV in the UK? lol

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