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September 03 2009

Top 10 Games That Need Movie Treatments. Nathan Fillion is suggested for the role of Nathan Drake (Uncharted).

As much as I love the Fillion, Uncharted is a movie already. You play through it. The characters (and the voices) are great.

Making a live action version would be boring to those of us who know the story (and hated if they screw with it), and to those who aren't, they'll just see it as an unoriginal Indiana Jones knockoff.
I loved Uncharted and love that they will be making it into a movie. And I'd love for Nathan Fillion to be the lead. The game developers loosely based the character of Nathan Drake on Malcolm Reynolds so he would definitely be an ideal candidate for the role.

Hopefully (whether or not they choose Nathan Fillion) they do a great job with this movie and promote it well because it is a storyline worthy of a movie.
Nathan's a decent choice, but isn't he too old? But then these lists always do seem to exist in an alternate universe; in this case one where Haley Joel Osment isn't in his twenties, and one where Christian Bale doesn't automatically play every single fictional character ever (which kind of negates the need to put him on a list).
One of my dreams is to write a treatment for a Crash Bandicoot film. One of these days...
Coincidentally, I've just started playing Uncharted for the first time. It's really good fun, and the sequel's out soon too. I can see why they suggest Nathan for the role but I agree with pat32082 about respect for the game and the voice actors. Quite a few games now are so well made, with such good writing and voice acting, that they're easily better than a lot of films out there. When you make a game adaptation the first question really is to ask "why?" So far all games have been used for is as fodder for bad action/horror movies, which is a real shame.

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I just want to see the Oddworld movie, Citizen Siege. It'll be in 3D. But Nathan and other Whedonverse actors have done lots of voice work, so that would be cool (if they could be a part of it. And it really happens, of course.)
One day someone will realise how awesome a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic film would be (and then they'd hopefully manage to keep George Lucas well away ;).
One day someone will realise how awesome a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic film would be (and then they'd hopefully manage to keep George Lucas well away ;).

Yes, a thousand times yes! I feel compelled to link to this video for anyone who has even a passing interest in Star Wars. That trailer was phenomenal, and the fact it's for a game just blows my mind.
Funnily enough, Uncharted's score was done by Greg Edmonson.
Greg Edmonson is also doing the score for Uncharted 2. Just watched this month's Qore and it heavily featured Uncharted 2 and had a feature on the music. Nice interview with Greg Edmonson on there!
I want that Metal Gear Solid movie more than anything.
I have said that they need to cast Nathan since the first time i played the game.
The Uncharted games would tempt me to buy a PS3. I love that sort of wisecracking action here genre stuff.
I think there are some games that could make for a great movie, and Uncharted is definitely one of them, but I wish that there weren't so many people that see video games as a lesser medium. Video games don't exist to be made into films.

And it sickens me that the guy that wrote the recent Street Fighter movie is writing a Shadow of the Colossus movie. Worst idea I've ever heard in my life.
MattK-Thanks for the link to the Old Republic game! I am going to check it out tomorrow at PAX!

I also agree with you in that not every awesome game out there has to been made into a movie. I was one of the fans of Halo who really wanted to see the Halo movie made (with Nathan of course). Now I come to love the Halo universe just as it is; even with the sucess of District 9.
I remember a few tracks of the 'Uncharted' score were linked from here when the first one came out and as you'd expect from Greg Edmonson, it was pretty cool (I actually had them on my MP3 player for a while which i'm pretty sure i've never done with any other game score, let alone one I haven't even played).

The list is quite new skewed (i'd put the author at about 20, maybe 25 tops) and also pretty console skewed so not really my sort of thing in the main (i've only played 'Splinter Cell', 'Halo' and 'Bioshock' of the ten).

I'd like to see something like 'Homeworld' turned into a film - remember that being really immersive when I first played it - or maybe a mini-series. Or from recent stuff, something like "Assassin's Creed" though not a great game IMO is a fairly natural fit for a film (i'd be surprised if it hasn't already been optioned). And i'm still waiting for 'Chess: The Movie' too, that's got franchise written all over it.
Spielberg and Lucas made a film idea into a game in the `90s because the technology (computer animation) wasn't there yet and the film would've likely been too cost-prohibitive to make. It was a point-&-click sci-fi/adventure game called The Dig and it was all sorts of atmospheric (and some of the puzzles were challenging, I remember), the environments really pretty (the character sprites were kinda ugly, despite moving/being animated convincingly enough for the time), and the animated cut scenes were pretty cool too. And the voice acting was great. Robert Patrick could even reprise his role as the lead. I loved that game so much (but it was my neighbour's, so I had to give it back). Should see about trying to find a copy.
OMG! I remember The Dig!
(*Sigh* I am getting old.....)
Yeah, if you can remember the 90s you're practically prehistoric. Ahem.

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