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September 03 2009

(SPOILER) AICN's Hercules has seen the season premiere of Dollhouse. "Titled "Vows," the episode is superb: funny, suspenseful, sexy and willing to kick around more than a few Very Big Ideas."

Combined with the series’ terrific “lost” episode (“Epitaph One”), “Vow” roughly triples my investment in this series’ fate. Which is to say, its eventual cancellation will be three times harder to bear now than the day before I saw “Epitaph One.”

I really enjoyed the letter he sent!
This sounds amazing. Can't wait.
I wonder what the T shirts look like?
go to michael ausiello's twitter page and he has a link to a picture of the t-shirt he received.

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This season’s Big Bad may or may not be one Sen. David Perrin (Alexis Denisof, who played Wesley Wydham-Pryce on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel”). Perrin also may or may not be the season’s Big Good. 2.1 fails to specify Sen. Perrin’s party affiliation.

Intriguing! I can already picture Alexis as a senator. I hope he's the big bad. He'd make such a good big bad senator.
thank you foobeka.
Gotta say, I'm disappointed-- though not too surprised-- to hear about the absence of Felicia Day. If they were gonna be getting the Epitaph One trio back together (her, Adair, and Zack), I figured we would have heard about it by now. That said I really hope they can get them in one place soon to start shooting, and on a somewhat regular basis.

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I wonder if Perrin and Dr. Saunders will end up (over the course of the series) in the same room. I think that will freak me out. Maybe Joss will deaden the moment by giving Whiskey a mohawk.
Didn't read the article, but that T-shirt they got. Wow, they should totally make an "ACTIVEwear" Yoga Clothing line!
Oh, that's weird! I thought Felicia was in this.
That's because we were told she was.
There is perhaps the possibility that Felicia will actually turn up in the episode, but for some gigantic twist that she is involved in (Mag is actually Penny. Wearing TightPants. In the future) that massively affects the show during the course of the coming year, they have removed the scene from the DVD previews. Its a possibility. Probably far more likely that we were fed the wrong information or something has changed within the story making process, but I quite like the idea of an event in the future having repercussions in the present.

Count me in as psyched for the premiere and count me in as psyched that the show is apparantly on its way to reaching new heights. I've remained fairly silent on the show debate front as many posters have conveyed what I was thinking about Season One, most in a far more articulate fashion then I could, but its a positive sign that the reviewer is beginning to root for the show. He's connected to it, which was a problem many people have encountered I believe.

Also. Count me in as psyched for Olivia's new hair. Unless she does a Cordy. And then I refuse to watch this show ever again!
Was it me who said she's in this? I think it might have been.
Many people said it. Quite some time ago now.

ETA that it certainly came up during TCAs.

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I'm 99% sure Joss said it at Comic-Con, too.
Ah, cool. I remember seeing her name on the script so that's why I mentioned it on Dollverse. Something musta happened.
In fact, he said the little girl would show up too. Maybe they just moved the flashforward to episode 2 in editing or something.
I find myself wondering if the Epitaph One timeline scenes have been dropped entirely. It wouldn't surprise me; I felt they were a bit confusing for first timers. They could also have shifted them to a later episode. But not two, as it's stand alone.
I like the idea of Alexis being the season's big bad.
I like the idea of Alexis being the season's big gray. ;)
Okay, now I'm frakkin' excited...sorry, no need to curse like a nerd.
I like the idea of Alexis.
Good one, curlymynci :)
Steven Weintraub from was not very happy with it:

maybe I'm tired...but premiere of DOLLHOUSE didn't do it for me. And to put in perspective, thought last season got better as it went on

also, premiere was low budget. I'm really hoping the deal for a second season didn't mean they have no money to make the show.

I was actually expecting "Vows" to kinda be a mediocre success with critics, don't know why. Maybe because "Belle Chose" and "Belonging" seem to be bigger episodes to look out for.
Well, Weintraub's kinda right...they do have less money. In other news...Season 2 cannot start soon enough...I am quite literally the most excited for it. Who else is with me? Who, show of hands, now. The letter from Joss is both witty and makes me want a shirt, which is awesome! Looks like the season premiere is gonna be just that...a premiere. Not necessarily the best episode the series has ever seen but an introduction for new people and something to draw people in that have been watching.

In other completely unrelated news...I just picked up the first Buffy Season 8 graphic novel (I haven't read any of it, though I did enjoy Fray). I am the most excited for this, the first story arc. Did I mention that I also can't wait for Dollhouse to start? I am probably the most excited person around right now.
Lets just hope he was too tired that night.
Eh--season premieres are never the best! episode! ever! so I'm going to rely on Herc's description of the episode as being full of promise. I will be looking for spark... juice.. a sense of purpose and fun. I don't need polished perfection; Herc's description of the funny alone is enough for me.

So in other words, I'm more than ready for season two! Bring it ON.
Excitement levels - and dare I say it expectation levels - for season two should be set to high.
What's the bare minimum that Dollhouse needs to get that nine episode back order ok'ed by Fox?
Reilly said they would be happy with 1.5 live+sd going on 2.0 live+7 in the demo. But, you know, a lot can happen during the fall...
wiesengrund said:
But, you know, a lot can happen during the fall...

Especially now that the Friday's are almost the new mondays, at least in US Prime Time TV.

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Reilly said they would be happy with 1.5 live+sd going on 2.0 live+7 in the demo

How does that compare to season one ratings?
It's about what season 1 averaged. However, the trend was pointing towards that 1.0 "Omega" got, so they definitely need to win some viewers back. Which hopefully happened during the summer via E1 and the dvd.
I like the description here of what's to come.
Season twos of genre programming typically suffer a drop on their first seasons. Part of this appears unique to sci-fi fare, God knows why, and part of it is down to networks traditionally investing less in the promotion of second series, instead concentrating their advertising budgets on new series. Pretty obviously, both cases apply to Dollhouse.

The spend this Fall is going on Glee, where they have everything from the cast touring the country to do meet'n'greets, to New Media stuff (cast and creators paid to tweet etc) etc. And all credit to them as Glee is easily the best FOX show in years.

I still think Dollhouse will get the back 9 order at this stage. If it tanks horribly, maybe not.
If Dollhouse catches fire creatively this season (as only a Jossverse show can -- the second seasons of BtVS and Angel blew their respective first seasons out of the water) and tanks in the ratings and gets canceled, I might just develop a drinking problem.

Please, FOX, don't do that to my liver.
Really gossi? Glee is the best FOX show in years? Maybe all the hype ruined it for me, but I finally got around to watching the pilot a couple of weeks ago and I was pretty disappointed. I mean, I'm going to keep watching, but so far I'm not very impressed.

Also, yay for Vows being good times. Hopefully the improved critical support that the show has developed will bring back some of the viewers that jumped off early on.
I saw ep 2 of Glee last month ("Showmance"), I loved it.
Olivia has a new haircut? Can't wait. I'm such a fan after seeing Rushmore...

I have really high hopes for this season. Anyone know if it's got a new opening sequence? Edit: I mean a remixed one, wasn't suggesting a new song or anything. :)

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Hercules also has some news on the Felicia-question:

Tim Minear confirms @feliciaday appears subsequent to #dollhouse 2.1, despite reports she's IN 2.1

Not so stand-alone after all, that beautiful thing. :)

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