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September 04 2009

Larger pic of the cover art for the sixth Buffy season 8 volume. As provided by Jo Chen. She also addresses the misconception that she's leaving the series.

Much easier to make out who's who in that version. And it does the art far more justice. Nice to know she's continuing to work on the series.
Another bullseye, great work again.
If you're reading this, Jo, you should really consider sell some signed lithographs.
I know I'd buy them.
Awesome work once again. I really look forward to seeing her covers as much as the comics themselves.
I want to peek around Buffy's back to see if there's a little man standing there with a pistol at her back...get em up!

Amazing artwork. I'd expect no less. Jo is a master.
I think a great reason for why I also collect the Buffy TPBs is for her TPB covers, been very amazing so far.
I love Jo Chens work...but where's Willow?
my question too... Where's Will?
Wow; Kennedy, but no Willow.

And, is that Bayarmaa with the sword?
I'm always just stunned by her covers. She's pretty amazing. I know it'd be just too damned time and cost prohibitive but I'd sure love her to draw the story sometime, too. Just one issue? ;)
God DAMN she's good.
Dead link for the moment.
It's live now for me. Andrew and Dawn are also missing from the cover, so I'm not sure how much I'd read into Willow not being there.
I'd read into it and say that Andrew, Dawn and Willow are all in fact Twilight.
Also, is B doing a spell? Channeling, maybe? Seems like she's pushing someone back.

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