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September 04 2009

Eliza Dushku's taking questions on Twitter. Right now! She's @elizadushku.

I'm pretty sure if i keep asking her questions she gonna block me!!! HAHA!!
I'm pretty sure she wouldn't give me her phone number anyway. And she's already agreed to marry someone else so that's out....
I love Twitter for its handy little bits of information. I guess we can assume that "Belonging" is a Sierra heavy episode then?

I think its fairly incredible that Eliza manages to radiate warmth even through the coldness of technology. I'm not one to sing the actors praises for no reason, but that Eliza. One hell of a woman.
I guess we can assume that "Belonging" is a Sierra heavy episode then?

What makes you say that?
she does seem to be very well connected to her fans...but not me!!! With all the questions she offered no reply!!! Sad face!!
Someday I'll get her to plug Double DOLLHOUSE Days. Like, before it's over. Doesn't she want some awesome quote up there on the site with Maurissa's and Miracle's? ;)
When I searched her name right after she announced she was taking questions, the rate of replies looked pretty crazy. I think she did well. She didn't plug Dollhouse through the selection of questions nearly as much as I had expected, but it was a pretty nice range of very fannish questions.
What makes you say that?

Eliza said something along the lines of "That's your ep!" a few days ago, I think.
Wiesengrund said it for me. She 'tweeted' (god, I loathe saying that) Lachman a few days ago. Vice Versa, Dichen tweeted Eliza asking her if she'd read Episode Five yet, so at least we know what stage of filming the cast and crew are at. Eliza is also on the East Coast at the moment (or was) so "Belonging" may potentially be an Echo-lite episode.
They finished 2x04 "Belonging" on Thursday, I think. 2x05 "The Public Eye" should start shooting on Monday.
So we have:

Ep 1: Vows
Ep 2: Belle Chose
Ep 3: ??
Ep 4: Belonging
Ep 5: The Public Eye

What's 3? And do we know what any episode past 5 is called?

I'm getting excited all over again. I still have a slight fear that I'm going to wake up and remember that Dollhouse was cancelled months ago
Oh and what do we know about the writers / directors of these ep's? Joss is writing and directin Vows. Tim is writing (and directing?) Belle Chose. What then?
3 is called "Instinct" and I think it's written by Fazekas & Butters, no clue about director. 2 is directed by Solomon, 4 by Frakes (written by Jed & Maurissa). 5 is written by Andrew Chambliss.
Thanks wiesengrund. I'm not sure if I'm more excited for 1, 2 or 5. Chambliss's 'Spy' was my favourite episode of season 1 but the one-two punch of Joss and Tim episodes will be pretty great
Could there be a more exciting lineup of writists? Only if they imprinted Sierra with the complete set of Jane Espenson skills.
2x05 "The Public Eye" sounds like an episode that will/might have Alexis in it. Or not?
I was thinking the same thing, Little Green Kid. That along with the fact that Chambliss wrote it makes it one of the most looked forward to eps.

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