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September 04 2009

Elizabeth Rohm on Heroes. Elizabeth Rohm (Kate from the first two seasons of Angel) will be making a guest appearance on Heroes in the upcoming season.

Kate was one of my favorite characters, who didn't even get a real send-off once Rohm left for Law & Order. It also says she'll be in the season premiere of 90210.

Oh, she's so good!
I loved her character on Angel! I'm always surprised how people did not seem to like her. I liked the way she turned out not to be your typical love interest and loved the tension between her and Angel, once she figured out what he was. Therefore I was very sad to see her go. In season five I then desperately wanted her to come back, just for her to see the changes and react to Angel being the boss of Wolfram & Hart.

I also think that she was the only love interest for Angel who had actual chemistry with him. Cordy/Angel always was more brother/sister-y to me.
I'll agree with that. Loved Kate.
Was there ever any plans to bring her back onto Angel?
I'm a Kate fan too. I think Kate is a more interesting female character than many of the two dimensional types on most shows, but I'm not convinced that her story with Angel was ever meant to actually go anywhere, no matter how much I enjoyed it at the time.

Back when, I thought the L&O gig was a good thing for her, but I have to admit she was never one of my favorites in the DA's office. (Jill Hennessey and Angie Harmon tie for that honor, LOL!)
I've been pretty happy with Alana de la Garza as the ADA, too :) Elisabeth Rohm's character just never was written as having any real intensity about the work of a prosecutor -- I have hoped that she would join the club of former ADAs (like Richard Brooks and Carey Lowell) who have returned as defense attorneys for an episode or two. I think criminal defense would be better for the Southerlyn character.

I really wish she'd been back on "Angel". And probably if she'd been on Angel.
Does that mean I actually have to watch Heroes? Oh well, at least it's for a good cause.
Wait, Heroes is still on?
For a long time after the Bavaine (spelling?) incident with Spike in S5 of Angel, I'd been hoping that the cells in that hallway were going to come back, and my biggest hope was that Kate was in one of them, explaining how she could disappear and have absolutely none of the characters ever bring her up again or wonder where she'd gone. Her chemistry with Angel was real, where I felt with Cordelia they forced a lot -- changing the character into something completely different to warrant the attraction on Angel's part, wiping her mind to make the Connor thing happen, etc. I always just felt Kate's attraction to Angel as totally real, and his ignoring of it as his only option given his history and knowledge. Of course, this before the moment of happiness was retconned to be a literal moment of happiness instead of an orgasm.

Either way, I was happy she came back in the Angel comics, but am not happy with anything being done in said comics that hasn't been Brian Lynch. The newer stuff without his writing has seemed so S4 of Angel, and any season of Charmed or True Blood to me. It's pure adventure/escapism with no human hook, while introducing elements that were avoided for a specific reason. The art also does not have anything to do with the actors, nor does the voice in the dialogue reflect the characters in that story with the angels. Either way, glad Kate is back.
Of course, this before the moment of happiness was retconned to be a literal moment of happiness instead of an orgasm.

I don't think there was any retcon. Even in season 2 Buffy he was said to lose his soul if he had a moment of perfect happiness. I never took that to mean that he had to have an orgasm or even that if he did have one he would necessarily lose his soul. I thought that it was because it was sex with Buffy that made him perfectly happy. I always assumed this is how everyone else interpreted it. Is that not the case?
That's how I always saw it. An orgasm with Buffy was "perfect happiness" because the sex was an expression of their love for each other whereas he can have an orgasm with Darla and it be nothing to do with love (or any other good thing).

Presumably the odd hand-shandy doesn't send him over to the dark side either ;).
Sorry, but not enough. Nothing against Elizabeth, I just can't picture picking up Heroes again no matter who they bring in to act, including pretty much any 'verse actors. They really need to pull it together from the writing and showrunning, and I just don't think they will. Such a huge potential wasted...

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