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September 04 2009

The Most Memorable TV Musical Moments Ever. TWoP does not leave out "everybody's favorite."

This is everybody's favorite. You probably clicked on the link just hoping we didn't forget it. Nobody worry, we fully acknowledge its greatness. From Tara's sweet "Under Your Spell" to Spike's intense "Rest in Peace," "Once More With Feeling" hit all the right notes, even ending with a swoony classic movie kiss.

Nice to see Veronica Mars' Blondie karaoke be recognized. IIRC, that really is Kristen Bell's singing voice.
Glad that the commenters mentioned Moonlighting's 'Big Man on Mulberry Street', I loved that show.
jclemens I presume so, she's done theatre and stuff (such as Reefer Madness). Was an amusing scene too.

"Midnight Town To Georgia" was blatantly better because, as fun as "Warewolf Bar Mitzvah" was it was on for about 5 seconds.

And I enjoyed "My Musical" personally.
Hmmm...well if it was just a musical moment and not a musical episode, I'd nominate the episode of Quantum Leap where Sam leaps into a younger version of himself and tries to convince his sister he's actually from the future by singing "Imagine" well before The Beatles broke up. The look on her face as she smiles at the beauty of the song to the slowly fading peacefulness as she begins to cry, realizing he could only know that song if he was really from the future - which also meant their brother Tom was going to die in the war....seriously, one of the most beautiful and haunting musical moments in television history, in my opinion.

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The lack of any Pushing Daisies moments on here blows the credibility unfortunately.
Shelly singing the snake song is up there for me (wow, two Northern Exposure references on one page, what's up with that?). When they introduced the pregnancy singy thing I was skeptical but it became cute and a neat way to advance the story and tell some truths. Much like OMWF.
I like what everyone's referencing, but honestly the article seems like it was written by (or intentionally tried to seem written by) someone who wasn't television aware before BTVS. That's how we know she's hip!
I'm glad they included "Pete and Trudy Are Possessed By Flappers" from the latest episode of Mad Men. Pete is, of course, Vincent Kartheiser. The young couple livened up a party by doing a really spectacular Charleston.

The same episode featured Christina Hendricks (as Joan) singing "C'est Magnifique" & accompanying herself on accordion. Since 2 more musical numbers were included, many of us immediately realized we were seeing "The Musical Episode."

Too bad we never got to see Firefly's Musical Episode...
Down with the Mad Men love - this show knows how to throw in the bizarre moments and really make it work.

The others, not so much. Except OMWF, of course.
didifallasleep I agree - that scene in "The Leap Home" is one of the most poignant of that show.

If you listen carefully, you can actually hear Al join in towards the end - if you watch Sam's face he gets a small smile when he hears his friend.

"The Leap Home/Vietnam" is one of my favorite episodes, because it's so heartwrenching, but also hopeful. (Plus? Al in uniform. Growwwwl.)

"Somewhere in the Night" from "Piano Man" is another good one. "Man of La Mancha," "Dulcina" and "Impossible Dream" from "Catch a Falling Star," "Fate's Wide Wheel" from "Glitter Rock," and Al's alphabet rap from "Shock Theater" are all good, too. I wasn't too keen on "Memphis Melody," unfortunately, because by that point they were starting to jump the shark quite a bit (The whole "Sam will never Leap into a famous person" rule going right out the window) and, to be honest, his performances of "Blue Moon of Kentucky" and "Baby Let's Play House" were rather dorky. I think Scott was trying too hard to sound like Elvis.

Surprised they didn't have the original "musical intro" from Drew Carey - that's a classic. Every time I hear "Five O'Clock World" I remember that opening. And who can ever forget Norm tapping his pencil on the bar railing and then the entire bar breaking out in "We Will Rock You" from Cheers?

Ahh, memories.
No love for Xena?
Bitter Suite is my second favorite tv musical episode. I'm still sad that Pushing Daisies never got to do a full one.
Yes, jclemens, it was Kristen herself singing. She has a nice singing voice, she was wonderful in Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical, which I only noticed by browsing Kristens IMDB list. A big bunch of bad movies, but that one really hit the spot for me (most of the crew, including Kristen, apparently performed the musical on stage before the movie, I wish I could have seen that...)

Still, good thing OMWF is at its rightful place, if only to pull in the clicks (these kind of lists are the easy click collectors, and Buffy fans are obvious clickers, good for the moneys :).
Nice to see Veronica Mars' Blondie karaoke be recognized. IIRC, that really is Kristen Bell's singing voice.

It really is, and if you're a fan of her singing you need to track down the Reefer Madness: Movie Musical. Its awesome.

Odd that they chose the Scrubs musical episode, really, which was nowhere near as memorable as the season 2 episode with a bunch of cast members sing "Waiting For My Real Life to Begin" in JD's fantasy as a well known and loved patient dies.
What music styles were the 2 "break-out-able" songs from "OMWF?" Was "Under Your Spell" moderate pop or retro or folk or pop-coutnry crossover or a traditional show tune as such? Was "Rest In Peace" punk or New Wave or grunge or blue-eyed r&b or what?

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