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September 04 2009

Wizard Magazine #217's Buffy Cover Revealed. The image is in the August 31st post. The Cover is by J. Scott Campbell.

It's just a cover, isn't it, not a story?
Well if something makes the cover it generally gets coverage inside but yeah, sometimes it's not necessarily going to be the huge spread one might expect.

In any case, I think it's a style that I dig (I'm a sucker for dynamic hair), but I wouldn't have guessed that it was meant to be Buffy had it not been for the stake.
I think this issue of Wizard is supposed to have a big interview with Brad Meltzer revealing the first details about his Buffy arc.
Pretty hair (I love move-y hair in comics), but it looks NOTHING like B and everything like that pointy, pretty blonde that was in every 80s movie.

Now I must go look and find her name. I hate you all.
Do you mean Michelle Pfeiffer? I think that looks like her cheek bones...

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