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October 09 2003

Angel gets picked up for a full season. Variety reports that the WB has just greenlighted season 5 for 22 episodes and that it had an option to cut it back to 13 episodes if the show tanked.

Great News. I guess we can assume from this that the WB is pretty happy with the the show & it's ratings.

And man, how close did this show comign to being cancelled after all.
So wait, I'm confused. Does this mean Angel season 6 is a go? *ducks for smart ass remarks*

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No it means that season 5 whoch was renewed in May is now confirmed for a full season of 22 episodes.
If Angel keeps its ratings up this year than it will most likely go on to do a sixth season.One can only hope.
I guess adding Spike really did make a difference. I hope the new lighter fare keeps the show alive and know it is crazy to think that one of the few shows worth watching came so close to being cancelled.
Imagining, even for a moment, a world with no Joss shows on TV makes me shiver.
I'm getting nervous this show will become LA LAW.
I would only like to see Angel season six if the show continues to be fresh. Buffy season seven got stale really fast. There's no point in dragging a show on after all the creativity has been used up. Just look at the past few seasons of The Simpsons. :P
though, a season of stale Buffy is still better than another five seasons of Survivor...
There was some hinting in the Variety article that the greenlight for
the full season of episodes might have been something of a diplomatic
gesture to 20th Century Fox, who produces ANGEL, produced BUFFY, and
will produce LOST IN SPACE. Apparently LOST IN SPACE is a hot property,
and several networks were bidding for it. Also, the WB and Fox have had
a history of recent bad blood since the renewal negotiations over Buffy
Season 5, which led to moving the show over to UPN for its last two
This week's overnight reports were MUCH better than last week's...I think this was the deciding factor as to whether or not the show would be green-lighted for a full 22 episode run or just 13 eps and then play into a mid-season replacement (much like Buffy was its first half-season). If Angel and Co. can keep up its 4.7 million viewers week-in, week-out then there is a good likelihood that the show will be picked up for next season...

The following may be a spoiler to some...

And keep in mind children, James Marsters has acknowledged the fact that he has signed on for two seasons with ME. See the Spike Speaks article at

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