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September 05 2009

(SPOILER) The official FOX description of "Vows". The Futon Critic provides the press release for the season two premiere of Dollhouse, coming in three weeks.

What in the name of Takahashi is Boyd up to?!
LMAO. You made me laugh out loud at my computer wiesengrund, which doesn't get any less embarrassing every time I do it :/

I'm still wondering why the heck we haven't seen a promo yet. It's absolutely killing me that we've had reviews of the episode, stills of the episode, a brief scene and descriptions but no god damn promo. I love me a good promo.

I'm glad Claire is taking out her pain on Topher. That should be fun :D
Sounds exciting...especially the Claire/Topher stuff. I hope she really rips into him.

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