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September 05 2009

Charlaine Harris recommends Buffy to fans of her Sookie Stackhouse novels. She also lists Buffy, Firefly and Serenity as education for aspiring writers.

Ya, she's a big Buffy fan. I forgot which book it was in, but I remember reading that Eric was quite entertained while he was watching Sookie's Buffy dvds :)
It was book 4, Dead to the World. Eric would laugh at how the vampires morphed into vamp face. Sookie even mentioned she felt sorry she didn't have Angel episodes for him to watch. :)
Too bad Alan Ball never gave the Buffyverse a look.
I just started Netflixing True Blood and love it so far (one disc in). I'll have to read the books after I watch the series! My daughter told me they were great.
You'll love them both, Blwessels. Enjoy! I wish I was starting them for the first time. ;)
She also mentions Homicide, which Reed Diamond was on for three years. ;)

And yeah, True Blood is great. I should read the books at some point.

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You know, I like Harris's mystery quite a lot, but I just could not get interested in the "Stackhouse" books. Ah, well.
Being a fan of True Blood, I have been meaning to begin reading the Sookie Stackhouse series, this just makes me want to read them even more. Very cool of her. :)
Sam mentioned Buffy once...can't remember if it was this season or last...
It was last season, Riker. He wished Buffy would show up to take out Bill.
A classy move by Harris. And a total 180 from the snotty comments of Meyer.
ESG - I was hooked from the very first episode and cannot wait to see more! I will definitely be reading the books too!
And a total 180 from the snotty comments of Meyer.

What comments, AMCsoldier? Your comment made me curious so I googled it and all I could find was Meyer saying: "I'm going to get "Buffy" and watch the whole thing back-to-back, because I love Joss Whedon I can't believe I've never seen it."

ETA a '?'

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And a total 180 from the snotty comments of Meyer.

Let's stick to the article at hand please and not get into negative comments about an author.

I haven't read any of the Sookie books. But the Designing Women reference as something to watch for context for the other books has me intrigued.
It's disappointing that the non-Sookie Sookie-verse short stories aren't going to be in A Touch of Dead. There are only a couple of them so if they're not in ATOD I don't know if and when they'll ever be released outside of anthologies which don't interest me.
Tara gave her the Buffy tapes. It was supposed to be a joke I think, because of Sookie's "situation", but Sookie loved them. She doesn't have Angel though. ;)
The Harris books are IMO almost very good. I think her perhaps over-elaborate mythology can get in the way of her often pretty impressive storytelling and characterization. There are way too many different kinds of wereanimals,for example, and the technicalities of the organization of the vampire hierarchy are distracting. I'm really enjoying the tv series, which in a lot of ways is developing the best parts of her series.

If you don't mind some really grisly rough stuff, I prefer the noir-y vampire Joe Pitt series by Charlie Huston, beginning with Already Dead. (well recommended here, by Saje, with similar warning-thank you!) The vampire universe there is complex, too, but is integral to the whole in a way Ms. Harris' is not so much.)

Several of my friends (women like me) found these books too much, so I've stopped just handing them to people looking around my bookshelves for something to read. But my daughter and her husband really liked them too.

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Didn't mean to ruffle feathers - I was just pleasantly surprised to see Harris positively acknowledge and, indeed, embrace Buffy, when she could just as easily view our series as competition. I think it's big of her. I've not read any of Harris's work, but I follow the HBO program, and I enjoy it - probably because it has hints of Buffy in it.

Let Down - there's no option to private message you, and I see no reference to e-mail. So that we may stick to the article at hand, I direct you to the relevant thread for this separate issue:
Cool article, definitely a Harris fan, I've read all her series & standalone's. And I can also listen to The Last of the Mohicans soundtrack ad infinitum :)
Yeah, it's a good soundtrack, the 'Braveheart' one is pretty decent too (though neither lasted as long as 'Rob Roy' on my MP3 player).

...I prefer the noir-y vampire Joe Pitt series by Charlie Huston, beginning with Already Dead.

Glad you're liking them toast, IMO the writing has improved a lot from the initially slightly clunky first one until now (at book 4) they're some of the better noir books i've read. The fifth (and apparently final) book, "My Dead Body", is out in December BTW and i'm looking forward to seeing how it ends while also not really wanting it to finish. They are pretty gory though with a lot of it done by Pitt himself (who's the sort of hero that's only really a hero because he's a marginally less evil bastard than the bad guys, or maybe he's as much of a bastard but just for the "right" reasons).

Quite enjoying the 'True Blood' TV series but I must admit, I suspect the books wouldn't really be my sort of thing and so haven't rushed to try them.

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Loved the first season of True Blood so much (from Netflix) that I ordered HBO to keep up with season 2. And read all the Harris novels out in paperback so far in record time for me. I wouldn't say they're great literature - Harris strikes me as kind of a sloppy and repetitive writer - but for me they're like popcorn, as Alan Ball put it - fun and impossible to stop reading. Quite different from the TV series, too - but I love both of them.

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