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September 05 2009

Season premiere dates for Fall 2009. Includes several of our favourites from the Whedonverse: Bones (9/17, 8 PM); HIMYM (9/21, 8 PM); Castle (9/21, 10 PM); Dollhouse (9/25, 9 PM); Numb3rs (9/25, 10 PM); Dexter (9/27, 9 PM); and V (11/3, 8 PM).

What network/s do each of those shows appear on?
The networks are specified for each show at the link.
Whoo-hoo! I get to post this info here.

I was at Best Buy and there was a big blue cardboard DVD display box with TV DVDs in it...on the front and back there is a pocket with blue/white piece of papers in it. One side shows the FALL TV PREMIERES dates and TV DVD NEW RELEASES dates.

They are free...I guess as long as supplies last.

I put some up at work where I usually put Castle or Dollhouse news. I gave two TV fans the papers.
Two hours of 'House' then 'Castle' then 'Dollhouse' and 'Numb3rs' to round out the week, woot.

Cheers for the link Vague That Up, handy info.
No "24" or "Lost" or "Being Human."

< /personal self-indulgence >
Those shows dont premier until the new year
Here is a listing in calendar form....

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