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September 06 2009

Add a Dollhouse logo to your Twitter account. Should you want to. It adds a "Dollhouse 2" logo for all to see, along with the premiere date, to avoid people missing the return. There's another one, which is pretty cool too.

Not that anybody would miss the extensive advertising going on.

It adds a "Dollhouse 2" logo for all to see,

With a magnifying glass?

Still Fox are doing bugger all promotion so no wonder ideas like this are filling the vacuum.
There's actually another one also, no easier to read. This would be more prominent if people just changed their avatars to Dollhouse ones.

But, mainly, what Simon said.
Maybe someone could make a bigger twitter ribbon thingee.

Hey, does myspace have something like that? Or do people just have to manually add text to their icons.
I love the idea, but those are way too small to be useful.

In other news, I bought the first season a few days ago and it is so much more engaging than I remember...especially since I didn't love those first episodes. Saving Epitaph for after I've re-watched the whole season.
gossi, where did you get the one you are now using?
Oh, the one I'm using now was the first link, but it looks like they've redesigned it.

(And yes, there needs to be promos soon. I plan to give it another week before moaning my arse off).

[ edited by gossi on 2009-09-06 22:52 ]
Aww, the new one isn't as cool as the one you have. Oh well. And yes, please bring the promos, FOX!
We STILL don't have an official season two trailer. :(
Fox's first shows premiere this week (SYTYCD and Glee). Next week Bones and Fringe premiere. Then the next week House and Dollhouse premiere. I think there is a lot of impatience and potato salad making for really no good reason. Plenty of time for an ad push.

Seems to me that you get a lot more bang for you buck if you run ads during shows that people actually watch instead of running them during summer repeats.

[ edited by TamaraC on 2009-09-06 23:11 ]
I know they are waiting it out for airing for cost reasons aside from everything else, but they should at least put one online. Two weeks to go is really the marker point. The reason they need to get it out there is obvious - it's not House (which is getting a massive marketing push btw, including a viral campaign with newspaper ads, websites, TV ads etc).
It's still 3 weeks away, gossi. Let's see if they advertise it during Glee and SYTYCD and during NFL, which starts next weekend.
Yep, that's my plan. I think 2 weeks out is fine, 1 week will be pushing it. Really hope they promo it during Glee, I know they shot that promo thing with the Glee actress so fingers crossed.
I predict lots of ads for Glee reruns during Glee. ;)
That promo thing with the Glee actress was just part of that "FOX Fall Preview" thing that sort of aired at various times in various markets with no real notice. She intro'd all the shows in the preview.
FWIW, the iTunes-only/DRM'd issue would lessen for me if what they are going to do is release a new iTunes clip every week, while releasing the prior week's iTunes clip on YouTube. (Hint, hint. Nudge, nudge. If you're reading this, FOX PR people.)
Meanwhile (yes, this should have all been one giant comment), now that I'm back from errands, I'm going to tinker with making some Dollhouse S2 icons/avatars for a bit.
Oh that looks very cute, and I guess it is visible enough (I hope). I am certainly finding a lot of Joss Whedon fans here at the first ever 'North American Discworld Convention' (with Terry Pratchett as our guest of honour), those who own TVs are very excited for 'Dollhouse' Season 2.
I like that on the website it tells you how many twitters are using it right now 334 for words one and 76 for the gun one.

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