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September 06 2009

Tony sings for kids. Anthony Stewart Head takes part in a charity album.

The album, due to be released early next month (They hope), was partially recorded at Abbey Road Studios. Proceeds go to aid Children in Need: "Our mission is to make a positive change to the lives of disadvantaged children and young people across the UK. Our vision is a society where each and every child and young person is supported to realise their potential."

Roger Taylor, Nick Mason and Anthony Head all on the same album!? WICKED!

I love his voice, still listen to Music for Elevators at least once a week
It'll most likely only be one song, with a possible group sing, judging by the other Bandaged CD that is already out.

I don't know any of the other performers, and don't have kids, so I probably won't be getting this, but just thought I'd let others know about it.

I'm still waiting for "Anthony Stewart Head: Unplugged." Just Tony & his guitar. Doing stuff like "Freebird," "Little Trip to Heaven (on the Wings of Your Love)," "Have a Little Faith in Me"...

Mmm...I'll be in my bunk.
Well, Bill Wyman used to be in a little beat combo called The Rolling Stones and Roger Taylor is from Queen but yeah, it's a largely UK centric list (and even here most of them were most famous a while back).

As mentioned here, it may well be a cover of 'All You Need is Love' that ASH is part of (or he may be doing something else since it's an album).

Children in Need is an annual thing on the BBC BTW, a bit like a slightly lower-rent Comic Relief (which is only bi-annual now) - I usually contribute but rarely watch. Traditionally the best bit has been watching one of the album's organisers, well known TV and radio presenter - and now knight of the realm - "Uncle" Terry Wogan get steadily more pissed as the night goes on. He's quite funny in an understated way sober but when they let him off the leash he can be hilarious (he used to make even that epitome of cheese, the Eurovision Song Contest, worth watching).

(what the hell though, it's a good cause, it doesn't have to be brilliant all the way through)

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