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September 07 2009

Breast Cancer PSA to star, among others, Alyson Hannigan. The first PSA in a six month, six episode long viral campaign was shot last week and starred Alyson Hannigan.

So, how's this for Whedon-y goodness, both tangential and direct: George Ruiz, who is Felicia Day's agent, tweeted a link to this project which stars, among others, Alyson as well as Bones' Emily Deschanel. Oh, yeah, and it's for a great cause, to boot!

This is fantastic! I'm thrilled to see the folks we love contributing their efforts to such a great cause.

Another great drive bringing the Whedonverse and Breast Cancer fundraising together is Lisa Spodak's Project Teddybear. Worth checking out.
Very cool, Priscellie.
Very cool. I was going through old magazines a couple weeks ago and found a PSA with quotes and pictures of Alyson Hannigan, Tangi Miller and Holly Marie Combs together raising awareness about breast cancer.

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