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September 07 2009

A.V. Club: 22 TV series not ruined when two characters hooked up. Buffy comes in at #9.

Great catch. Nice story.
Interesting about Moonlighting. Always thought it was that they got together.
Also had in my head that Cheers was ruined after Diane and Sam got together.
Great to see Beecher and Keller mentioned.
As i've said before, whether David/Maddie was a reason for the show going downhill is debatable but it seems fairly clear that it went downhill after they did the do - saying "Glenn Caron didn't intend for it to become rubbish" is kind of missing the point IMO. Sure, if everything had gone smoothly then maybe it wouldn't have gone downhill but that's speculation, the facts are things didn't go smoothly so the show did go downhill (IMO).

And 'Cheers' was always more than Sam and Diane IMO, it was about the dynamic of the ensemble and that's why it continued to work for years afterwards. Similarly MASH was never really about a will they/won't they between Hot Lips and Hawkeye, there was always a lot more to it. And how could 'The Office' UK go downhill afterwards when Tim and Dawn only get together right at the end of the Christmas Specials ?

Not a bad article in general though, it was cool to be reminded of the end of 'Wonder Years' in particular, bittersweet pretty much says it.
You know, Torchwood: Children of Earth is on BBC America right now (East coast) and it's about to happen and this isn't making it any easier.
Am I the only one who thinks that Freaks & Geeks should be on there twice?
Not the couple I really wanted to see mentioned, Buffyverse-wise.

But Kudo's for the BSG Kara and Lee love, and the great insight into that relationship, in the description.

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