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"You get the Watcher. You get the mom. You get the little Scooby gang. What do I get? Jack squat."
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September 08 2009

SFX in 2020. SFX magazine has a fun thing on its website about possible headlines in 10 years time. Check out number 13.


I quite like number 15 too. Damn Sky always putting ad breaks in the stupidest places!
In 2020 people still spell her name Allyson? I am so disappointed in the future.
Ow, that would come across as a little mean if people didn't know the back story--she did FINE in OMWF, my impression was simply that she was very insecure about her singing voice, not having the previous performance experience of Emma, Amber, Tony, or James.
Is it silly to say that I had big smile reading this? Even though I know it's fictitious.
It's okay with me if she sings. Her lines would be mostly filler anyway.
Having, to my disgust, watched Date Movie I can feel glad of her not singing.
Quite a few of those made me smile, lots of good natured pokes at ourselves in there.

18 is just crazy talk though, The Clangers are beyond science. Little known fact but they're actually what Browning was thinking of when he said "a man's reach should exceed his grasp", they transcend the known or indeed knowable universe.
They are really cool. I can imagine the Lost finale being discussed 10 years on, but Channel 4 is by far, the worst culprit of inserting adverts in wrong places.
And what would be the rating for a live action Meet the Feebles?
"King Whedon Continues His Reign of the Arts - Third Consecutive Sweep of the Eisners, Emmys, Oscars, Streamys, and Tonys"

"Mutant Enemy Buys FOX in Takeover Bid - Executives' 11th Hour Mailing Appeal of Fox Pez to Stockholders Fails"
"6 Clark Finally Wears Red Boots In Smallville. Cloak by 2025, Claim Producers"

I really can't see 11th Hour doing that mailing.
I really can't see 11th Hour doing that mailing.

I liked numbers 14 & 20 a lot.

But first I'd like to see an explanation for seasons 1-5 of Lost. ;)

Also love the idea of ME taking over Fox. Wish I'd thought of that one first.
i lol'ed hard at the one about andromeda. i've never met anyone outside my household who has ever even heard of it, much less seen it.
My brother is an Andromeda fan, bless his heart.

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