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September 08 2009

First BBC One trailer for MERLIN season 2 with Anthony Head. According to a fan who spoke with one of the show's producers, season 2 begins airing in the UK on September 19.

Loved seeing Anthony again, but there wasn't enough progression to the story for my taste. I'll tune in for Season 2 though. Go go Uther Pendragon!

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I thought the show was really uneven -- but the good eps were very, very fun. Guess I just have a thing for Arthurian legends and magic.
I though it was a rating failure in North American! Will NBC and/or CTV be showing it and when, maybe Space Channel (.ca) will get it his time?
Stopped after the first one though maybe i'll watch them at some point. I didn't totally hate it or anything there just didn't seem to be much there and it reminded me too much of the fairly terrible (IMO) 'Robin Hood' crossed with 'Smallville' (but with British accents).
I watched the whole season (on hulu). I'm crazy about Arthurian legend, and love ASH, so I had high hopes--but I mostly found it annoying. For one thing, the show seems determined to ignore every previous version of Arthurian legend (to the point that I wish they hadn't bothered calling it "Merlin" at all). The dialogue veers wildly between modern slang and half-hearted pseudo-Medievalisms. And the writers seem so determined to make it a family show that they're unwilling to take their rather dark premise to its logical conclusions.

Tony Head consistently makes Uther more serious and sympathetic than he has any right to be, and the young actors are likable enough. But, sadly, that's not enough to keep me watching.
Can't wait for this!

It kinda reminded me of early Buffy in some ways with Gaius being Giles, Nimueh being The Master and Merlin, Arthur, Gwen and Morgana being the scooby gang.
I'm also an Arthurian legend buff, which is why I gave up on this mess after struggling through one ep and part of a second.

(See "not even for Mark Sheppard", under the Warehouse 13 post) ;)
I totally enjoyed the first season. I think them breaking from common lore is what will give the show legs. The last three episodes of the season really got good and showed what the actors could do. That and I might have a little crush on Katie McGrath.

As far as BBC's Robin Hood Saje, totally love it and all its campy goodness.
I've nothing against campy goodness. Wooden acting and bad dialogue on the other hand ... Mileage varies of course ;).
I've only just started watching and love it!

It's campy, British and includes a fair dose of ASH. Hard not to enjoy, for what it is.

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