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September 08 2009

Felicia Day Featured in CNN Story. Her appearance at DragonCon last weekend is discussed in the story, and how the Guild is becoming known as "The Office for the geek set."

A reminder that episode 2, "Anarchy" is now avialable here.

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An earlier CNN article about Dragon*Con here included this super shiny quote about Firefly fans:

"When you meet anyone who likes 'Firefly,' it's weird because we immediately become like family. A very large, creepy, incestuous family, but family nonetheless."

Well, story, not CNN story. ;)
I edited the main link to go directly to CNN without the truncated URL and the social bookmarking whatsit inbetween. It's best to let people see where their click is taking them and just send them straight there.
Cool to see Felicia get mainstream-ish acknowledgment, one step closer to President of the Universe.

(why was "gamer" in quotes though ? Pretty sure the word's been used in that context for at least 20 years)
Yeah, that "gamer" thing is quite silly.

Good to hear Felicia likes what she's doing now. I like it a lot too. Wonderfull to start my tuesdays with a bit of Felicia. (And even better to follow it up with loads of Felicia and other lovely Whedonverse ladies on a panel of course.) Didn't even need the reminder to check out the new ep this time. Last season I only remembered the Guild when it was mentioned here (which happened quite a lot, but still) which was nice because it's a very pleasant surprise to have a few of those wonderfull new eps waiting for you, but now I'm so addicted I can't even work up the patience to wait till the vids show up on

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God I hate myself for not going this year.
I was lucky enough to be at the Friday night late show of Dr. Horrible...where Felicia came in and said a few words to the crowd. I was also lucky enough to spend a few moments chatting with her the next day. She's such a lovely lady.

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