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September 08 2009

Mark Sheppard guest stars on Warehouse 13 tonight on SyFy. Always love seeing Mark.

For Leverage fans the scenes with Saul and Mark were awesome. I hope Mark becomes recurring here as well. Ok, I want Mark on "Bones" or "Lie to Me" next. Oh and "Castle".
He needs to star in his own show. How about.... The Guest Star. The story centers around Mark Sheppard (played by Mark Sheppard), a recognizable actor who guest stars on almost every TV show, with just one problem - In real life he can't be a host - only a guest at other people's houses. But when a group of Furries need a place to meet, and with the help of a friendly alien, Mark Sheppard is... The Guest Star.

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I'll watch that, Succatash!
I was shocked when it was mentioned his father was also an actor (William Morgan Sheppard) who seemed to be inhumanly prolific as well. I had never thought about it until Mark said it, but it is amazing. I always remembered him from Star Trek and stints on Babylon 5, but he never stops working either. He's had at least 10 projects in the last 2 years.
Not even for Mark Sheppard. ;)
Caught Ep.1 on UK TV last night - very enjoyable and with Mark Sheppard it can only be better :D
I'm pretty sure Mark Sheppard will just start turning up on conference calls at work and in the background when I go for bike rides. Dude is EVERYWHERE...
That's a friggin genius Idea, Succatash. This week's episode of The Guest Star is entitled "Dollhouse". Credit-wise, it'd borrow the Dollhouse credits, with the last tag 'Guest Starring Mark Sheppard. Then it'd proceed to tell a Dollhouse episode but completely from the POV of Mark Sheppard's character. Kinda like Tom Stoppards "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead"...but guest starring Mark Sheppard.
OMG someone should do that who is good at videos. Just take the credits of every show and add guest starring Mark Sheppard. Put them up on youtube as upcoming previews.

Mangydog love your idea.
Succtash and mangydog need a sponsor! I'd watch that show! It's destined to be a prematurely cancelled cult classic!

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