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September 09 2009

Tur-Mohel 2 Electric Boogaloo. Apparently Tur-Mohel, an Evil League of Evil application winner, is releasing another video message and looking at the homepage of there may be a calendar on the way. Here is the YouTube link to the teaser trailer for the upcoming video.

I nearly plotzed when I saw this.
What a treat!
My favorite among the ELE winners returns with a new adventure.
One need not be of the Tribe to enjoy the meshhugenes Tur-Mohel and his minyan get into.
But, admittedly, I believe it helps.
Oy joy!
Awesome! But that calendar? lol

The new video is up now, and it's hilarious. Somebody should post something about it on the main page, but I'm too nervous.
Relatedly, in honor of the one-year anniversary of the E.L.E. contest, I've posted the full list of applicants, for the first time anywhere.

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