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"And Iím thinking you werenít burdened with an overabundance of schooling."
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September 09 2009

Dr. Horrible charity screening in Adelaide, Australia this Friday. It'll be showing at Union Cinema, Adelaide Uni.

I was going to post this Thursday night, but with the time difference, I wasn't sure if it would be over with already. Hope this isn't too early or too late.

Oh I have a lecture in Union Hall! I always get giddy at that :D I may attend.
Nope, perfect timing. It's in 27.5 hours. Not that I'm counting down or anything. Now if only, a number of the cushions from the cinema were not "missing". We presume they've been taken for repairs, but no one knows if or when they will be back, let alone if they'll be back in time. So venue capacity is down a fair bit on what we'd thought it would be.
damn it! I'm working
Dingo ate the cushions!

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