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September 10 2009

(SPOILER) Casting call details for Dollhouse S2x06. The sixth episode certainly does have an intriguing title.

Another 'possible recurring' which is great. Nearly all of the casting calls have been, which means we're in for some arcy goodness. Also looks like we're seeing more Dollhouse employees which is pretty cool. I wonder if he's Adelle's boss?

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That is an intriguing title. I wonder if
I like the "... and humor" part of the character description.
The title suggests three possibilities.

1) If there is faction fighting in the Dollhouse organisation as evidenced in 'Epitaph One', I wonder if Adelle's mob will represent The Left Hand? (that doesn't know what the right is doing). As I do like a nice schism.

2) Or does the Left Hand indicate the path of evil? Left = sinister and all that.The road that led to the end of the world.

or 3) This interpretation. Which would fit quite well with the question of identity and individuality in Dollhouse.
Reminds me of Ursula le Guin's novel "The Left Hand of Darkness" about a world of androgyous people who could become either male or female when they "came into heat".
Count me in as someone that loves to see 'possible recurring' as part of these casting calls. Plus, being a higher up AND humorous makes me think it may be a good guy. We haven't seen many too many 'good' characters that have any real authority (besides Adelle). Anyway, just a guess. Obviously, being funny doesn't automatically = good... as many of the Buffy big bads have demonstrated.

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In my dreams they've cast David Tennant for that role. But that's just me. Dubious all the way.
I'm guessing they mean Wendey Stanzler (not Wendy)?

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