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September 10 2009

(SPOILER) Dollhouse Scene Shooting Pics. Eliza shooting a scene with a certain guest star. There's 3 pages of pics if you click on the numbers in the column on the right.

That certain guest star is making some weird poses in those shots. Wonder what that's all about.
He was getting his groove on.
Awesome... The 'certain guest star' is a big reason why I can't wait for the new season to start.
Since no one else has said it yet, I will.

SQUEEEEEE!!!!! ;) :D
I usually don't watch spoiler links, but I was so hoping that it was *that* certain guest star, that I clicked anyway..and yay, that was indeed the certain guest I was hoping to see!! I am so incredibly excited about those episodes..Whatever the bizarro poses mean :-D!
The thing I love about this guest star is that at least from what I've head, apparently he
it's interesting to see them like that, because i'm so used to seeing them....not like that.
I'm just glad Echo finally got an imprint that didn't wear nonsensically high heels.
Eliza, who was seen yawning,--

If there's anything non-hilarious about this set-off clause, I don't know what.
edcsLover9, I always wondered that Joss was like Halfrek, with daddy's issues all over his characters, while Marti Noxon was Anyanka - Men are bad.
Okay, the shades and the hat but I should still have been able to recognize him. Maybe it's the clothes; he looks heavier than in the latest candid shots I've seen. Is he in costume? Maybe it's padded? Maybe cheek pads too?
I think you're looking at the wrong person.
OMG. I couldn't be more excited now.
I'll buy that, but the only other guy I even saw had his back to the camera. "Yah vell."
Did you take note that it says there are three pages of photos?
At the bottom of the column on the right side there are numbers that you can click on. It's completely not apparent, and took me a while to figure out too.
It might not be apparent on the page, but it says how to do it right here in the item description. ;)
There are some awesome facial expressions in this collection, and the poses start to get very Garry's Mod towards the end of it. A rewarding experience.
!bix, if it said the numbers on the bottom right it would have been a bit more clear. That, and the fact that I was so excited to see the pics that I forwent (word?) reading the extra description stuff :P
One of my favorite actors and I didn't even realize who it was until I read mortimer's comment above! For anyone still struggling - (I'll feel like a complete doofus if I'm wrong now, he looks very different since I last saw him).
Been wondering when "on set" photos were going to show up with "that certain guess star". DaddyCatAlso, go to page 3. You will see photos of "that certain guess star" with Eliza.:)
Heh, "guess star". Is that for when the guest star might be a mystery or spoiler?
The one pic where he is staggering back, I completely heard him say, "Faith?!" in my head.
I sort of really dig how ridiculous her dress is. Given the word we've heard about the guest star though, that's not quite what I was expecting him to wear or look like. I wonder if these are like deeply significant clothing choices...
Well the character he is playing
Those boots do not go with that dress.
Really, nothing and therefore anything goes with that dress.
Undoubtedly, the most tasteful matching accessory will be the panties we will glimpse as the dress swishes up her bottom as she artfully runs in those oh-so-appropriate stacked black boots. Since we are now (unfortunately) attuned to the proclivities of our public officials (including the most recent 'spanking' caught on an open mike) her mode of dress appears entirely fitting. Art once again mimics life.

These would be from 2x05 "The Public Eye"?
I love the dress and want one - except longer as I have scrawny legs.
Really, nothing and therefore anything goes with that dress.
Sunfire | September 11, 02:15 CET

And so say we all. ;) Well, all of us who are me. I assume she's supposed to look that .... whatever, words fail me re. the outfit.
But really, people are having difficulties recognizing the "guess star"? That is a clear sign that we're not seeing enough of that person on tv..O_o..
I think the people having difficulty recognising him are still on the first page and are looking at this man and not the actual guest star in question, this man.

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