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September 10 2009

IDW's Angelverse comic books for this week. Today sees the release of Angel: Only Human #2, Fallen Angel #3 and the fifth volume of the ongoing Angel series i.e. Kelley Armstrong's 'Aftermath' arc. Last week, John Byrne's Angel: Blood and Trenches was released in tpb format.

Also, issue 3 of Peter David's new Fallen Angel storyline featuring Illyria was released this week. After issue 1, I was unsure of David's take on Illyria, but issue 3 is excellent.
Thanks for that, I missed that one.
What's the status of the Bryan Lynch / Drusilla story? Was that a standalone issue or will there be more? Sorry... the fragmentation of the Angel series has confused me, and I'm hoping for more of Bryan's work.
The second part aka Angel #25 should be out next week.
There's no fragmentation. #23-25 just aren't part of a main arc, and instead focus on supporting characters. Series do that all the time, like "Y: The Last Man."

And yeah, #25 is out next Wednesday.
Did anyone read the rest of Kelly's arc? I couldn't get past the first couple of episodes. Is it worth finishing, or are people trying their best to ignore it?
k- I feel completely lost with the Angel series!! There seems to be a ton of different arcs going on at once- and then when u go to buy something there are 10 different covers so I get even more confused on the order of how to read things. Can anyone explain where to start? Or where I can find a complete list of the series?

How is everyone liking it so far?
It's super simple, so no worries.

There is the main title. It's #1-24 at the moment, and on-going. There are some one-shots going on right now.

The rest are just mini-series. "Angel: Only Human" just tells a story about Gunn and Illyria that takes place sometime during the main title.

"Angel: Blood and Trenches" is about Angel during WWI, so no timing issues there.

What else did you have an issue with?
Vortigun: ignore.
I agree with Espalier; it a complete waste of paper, money and time!
And yet I pre-ordered it a couple months ago, just before her arc was finished I think, knowing that it was well-hated, due to wanting to read more of Lynch's stories--although one could easily stop at the end of "After The Fall" and have a quality ending to the series--and thinking he might refer back to some of Armstrong's developments and characters. From what almost everyone on Whedonesque has said though, it doesn't sound like something that deserved hardcover or even trade paperback treatment. Picking it up tomorrow, bracing self...
I have my copy of Angel:Only Human #2 now.Thought it was pretty good.I always wondered why they didn't do more with The Scourge as a reoccuring thread on the show.

I also think it's an interesting idea introducing another Old One.Nice cliffhanger.
hey pat. In particular I got 2 of the hardcover books. I have #1 Angel:After the Fall and then what I thought was the next installment 2:After the Fall; First Night. Are those two from the same set or is First Night- a different compilation?

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