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October 10 2003

Reminder: Charisma Carpenter on Miss Match. Airs tonight on NBC at 9:00 PM. Link goes to TV Guide talking about Charisma's appearance.

The article says the show airs at 8:00, but NBC just moved the show's time slot back to 9:00.

Well, Charisma didn't exactly stretch her acting range much on this...nice to see her in other than coma-mode, but this character was essentially Cordy-plus 10 years, minus any emotional growth. Frankly, I found it mildly distressing--I hope that Charisma is able to move beyond the beautiful bitch mode outside the Jossverse.
Did anybody else notice that CC's yearbook picture seemed to have been cropped from a Buffy Season 2 cast photo?
Orangeinmymouth, yes, it did look like a S2 Buffy photo.

Also, no one's yearbook has a whole page devoted to each person.
i totally agree w/ lizard...i hope cc won't be stuck in that one role for the rest of her career. that's partly why i'm not tooo excited about tru calling either

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