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September 10 2009

Six Signs You Might Be Dating A Robot. Article mentions Buffy The Vampire Slayer episodes to illustrate that you may, in fact, be dating a robot.

Damn. It turns out *I'm* a robot. Who knew? (Apart from all my ex-girlfriends. Do Hallmark make a suitable "You were right. I am a robot" card?)
An addition, per the ever-wonderful Nathan Fillion: Robot Test #12
On the other hand at least us guys wouldn't have to open jars for them and get huge spiders out of the bath.

(Do robots even take baths? Would there be rust issues? Why didn't the TSCC producers put a "Cameron Takes a Shower" scene in the show. Maybe every episode, just to remind us. You know how us dumb viewers need reminding these things.)
Is it just me or does the dancing section imply that Summer Glau is actually a robot?
She's not, Sunfire; She just played one on TV. ;-)

As for Nathan's tweet: "Robot test #12. Go see Pixar's UP. If your date doesn't cry, robot."

He is soooo right.
Only robots want to date me, so that's not hard to figure out!

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