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September 10 2009

(SPOILER) IESB set visit interview with Joss Whedon on Dollhouse Season 2. It's taken from this summer's TCA press tour event, I don't think there is anything major that we didn't already know.


Q: You've talked about having trouble defining the show, in the first season, which seemed to have a lot to do with having very attractive people doing shower scenes. Can you talk more about the pressures that you had from the network, and what you are doing to deal with that?

Joss: The network did not pressure us to have shower scenes, in every episode. That just happened, naturally. But, we actually haven't broken a story with a shower scene yet, in Season 2. We are a little disappointed in ourselves, and we know that we have let America down, too.

They were not pressuring us to make the show sexier or edgier. They were basically pressuring us to make the show safer and easier to take, which is completely understandable, on a perfectly reasonable agenda. I'm just not very good at that. So, if there is something in the show that seems a little bit off, or maybe a little bit racy, know that that was totally me and Andrew Chambliss. The other writers are all Mormons.

Very awesome interview.
This is actually just everything from last month's TCA day. None of it is new.
I'm pretty sure I've never read that Chambliss bit before, but yeah, the information itself is nothing new.
There's various bits and bobs that I don't think got covered here before but were online at the time. I think it's the most thorough coverage from the TCA press tour. I added a bit to the entry about when it was conducted.
Old or new information, I still cant wait till season 2. And it's still wierd to think about that it didnt get cancelled. :)

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