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September 11 2009

(SPOILER) High-quality versions of the promo pics for Dollhouse 2x01 "Vows". Remember the kinda smallish promo pics for "Vows"? And how some of them were found in HQ later? Now the bunch's complete, in high resolution, for your viewing pleasure.

[ edited by wiesengrund on 2009-09-11 15:30 ]

It's worth noting that the website they're hosted on seems to include pornographic pop-over ads. Either that, or this wedding takes place on some kind of onanist Lilliput island.
Ah, thanks for pointing it out. My adblocker must have prevented me from noticing them.

(I cant change the link now (mobile) but I uploaded them to the dollhouse wikia before I left home. They should be porn-free over there... )
Link should now be pornography-free. :)

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