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September 11 2009

Ask the stars of Dollhouse a question for 'Outside the Box'. Eliza, Tahmoh, Enver and Dichen will ask each other questions submitted by you (the episode is taping Monday). ETA: Link not working at the moment, check back later.

Link says AOL has encountered a technical difficulty.
It's still advertised on the main page. I fired off an email to see what's happening. In the meantime, we can tell fandom stories around the camp fire or something like that.
This gives me time to think of actual questions to ask.
You can't go wrong with "what's on your iPod?".
one of the questions to Eliza was if she likes SMG, and if the Buffy cast was pissed at her for leaving after S7, also they asked if there'd be a Buffy reunion movie....WTF? ask DH questions when the link works again, geezus.

sorry, ranting.
I do like reading the responses when AV Club asks people to put their iPod on shuffle and tell them about the first song that pops up.
"Which WHEDONesque moderator would you most like to have dinner with?"
But this is so sudden!
The Glee one isn't working either, so it's not just DH.

on a serious note, my question would be: "Was there any aspect of your character or any storyline, or action that you said that you wouldn't do?"

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