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October 10 2003

New WB AtS cast photos courtesy of Fraz at

No offense to whomever whatever, but these are admittedly ugly cast photos. Note the Sarah Thompson photo at the bottom. If this is the best foot being put forward to help Angel, I'm not so sure how things are going to turn out.

However, this is better than no cast pictures at all. I swear if I see that picture of Buffy in the pseudo-turtleneck with her right arm in that funny position one more time, I'm gonna hurl.
Alexis and Amy look great, the shot of Sarah makes her look like half her neck is missing.
they are awesome - mercedes looks amazing
OK... where's Spike's eyebrow scar, or am I just blind? Also, is Wes missing his neck scar that was the present from Justine (would that have disappeared along with the memory wipe?)

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