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September 11 2009

The Top 10 Most Watched Web TV Shows. Dr Horrible is #8 for August, and The Guild is #4 (don't ask what's #1...)

Results are for August and is based on total online views for a series in its entirety (ie. not just a single episode) over the course of a month.

It's pretty impresive "The Guild" reached number four because it's only reruns from the first two seasons. It should get even bigger now that season three is underway.
As for the Doc, it's just one more reason why he should pick up an Emmy tomorrow at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards. It's just that good, or at least better than a Super Bowl halftime show that it's up against.
I've replaced the link. The original looked to be reposting content from elsewhere for the traffic. And in that shady SEO kind of way.
Ok, I checked out the number one show...and,
Not a big fan of Fred or Smosh. RvB, The Guild, Dr. Horrible, and Legend of Neil are all awesome though, so congrats to them.
Legend of Neil is hilarious. It gets weirder every episode, which is a strong indicator I will adore something. In the most recent episode,

Sandeep tweeted around the Streamys that Joss was quoting lines from the skeleton scene.
Can someone explain why we shouldn't ask what #1 is? I can't tell if it's since it's utterly reprehensible or since no one else knows despite the ridiculously high view count. I'm asking this still even after having wiki'ed and watched the first twenty seconds.
Yeah, I just checked out the #1 and couldn't last 20 seconds in. That was terrible.

Congrats to The Guild and The Doc though.
So Felicia is in three of the top 10, which makes her a definate inrernet A-lister.

Fred is weird because it is so huge yet it flies under the radar of anyone under the age of 17. Also it is terrible.
orangewaxlion: I put don't ask because I, and many other people, are at a loss to know how something so irritating can be #1. I have heard theories but no evidence as to how the viewing figures are so high.

But then again I'm not 9, and kids apparently do enjoy it. Enjoy it an awful lot. Apparently.
I've only seen a single episode of Fred. It was a long while ago, and it was because I happened upon a parody, and so I wondered what the real thing was all about. I'm very sorry I wondered and acted on that wondering. Anyway, if any of you are interested, here's the parody: I should warn you that it doesn't not become at all less annoying, even when it's being made fun of. You have been warned.

Also, maybe a moderator can answer this. There's a web series a friend of mine created that I'm the head writer of. We've only put up two episodes so far, and the third is going up on Monday. Anyway, it's not Whedon-related, and it is a project I'm directly involved in, so I'm wondering if it would be all right to post a link from this thread to it. Even as I write this, I feel like it's kinda weird, but... anyway, if it's all right and anyone's interested, lemme know.

Okay. That was weird.
Wow. Does anybody else really want to punch that 'fred' guy? I'm not violent at all and I'd still slap him with a sausage out the fridge if I ever saw him. How completely fucking talentless.
As much as I dislike Fred, I do respect what that guy has done. I have no idea, but it has some sort of storyline and does well with the Nickelodeon's iCarly audience - Fred was even on it himself. I don't get it, but I respect it, I guess. He tapped into an untapped YouTube audience.

I like how The Guild is progressing, though!
I'm no mod, but I'm curious to see your webseries XanMan. What's it about?

Great to see The Guild and the Horrible Doc doing so well. Curious to see by how much the Guild's numbers will improve now that they've got new episodes up again.
XanMan, I think the rule against self-linking applies only to posted items, not to comments. There is a page of rules elsewhere on this site.
the Groosalugg and anyone else who might be interested - First off, thanks! You are welcome to check out mine and my friend's series (again, his idea; my writing) at The whole channel is full of my friend's stuff, so feel free to have a look around. I actually appear in a very timely and relevant Mac vs. PC commercial spoof, as PC. But the series itself is called "Robot, Ninja & Gay Guy," and yeah, it's pretty much about that. Anyway, thanks for the interest.
Speaking of Dr. Horrible, today is the day they learn if they win the Emmy for Short-format Live-Action Entertainment Program, at the Creative Arts ceremony which gets underway at 3:00PM Pacific time.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2009-09-12 22:13 ]
Is it being aired?

I assume this doesn't measure the Xbox viewings, since that's not web.
It gets aired on E! next Friday, two days before the regular Emmy ceremony on CBS.
Sorry XanMan, I didn't note your question earlier. When it's relevant to the discussion, it's usually ok to self-link in a comment.
Well good luck to the Dr. Horrible crew, hopefully soon to be Emmy winning Dr. Horrible.
Sunfire - No need to apologize. Thank you, though.

Yay! Fingers crossed for Dr. Horrible and the Emmy!
Photos from the limo: 1, 2.
@primetimeemmys is tweeting the winners live.
I didn't know The Legend of Neil was that popular. Awesome !

Nintendo might not go for it (although I noticed that with Season 2, they now include shots of the game cartridge and screenshots from the game, which seems to indicate they got the clearance from the Big N), but do any other Neil fans think it'd be a smart move to secure some kind of deal with Sandeep so that new episodes (and all the old ones too) of Neil can be downloaded and watched over the Wii's Virtual Shop ? Microsoft got The Guild onto Xbox, Nintendo should aquire Neil. Who cares if it makes fun of one of their signature series and is way more adult than The Guild, Nintendo can slap a rating on it just like they do for their downloadable M-rated games (all 2 of 'em) and prove that they know how to laugh at themselves.
Thanks for the link XanMan (and for writing the series!), really glad I discovered the show, it's absolutely hilarious. I'm already looking forward to the new episode.

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