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September 11 2009

Doug Jones co-stars in the short film "The Butterfly Circus". The film is part of the Doorpost Film Project, 2009 contest, in the category of Hope. Please watch and if you like it vote for it. You have until Sept 16th.

From Doug Jones myspace page...
To Vote:
Here is where we need help. It is a tad complicated and time consuming, so please feel no pressure from our friendship to do all this. Most of all, I just want you to experience this film with us.

But if you do have time and choose to help with the voting, here are the instructions our director, Joshua Weigel sent us:

VOTING DEADLINE is Wednesday, September 16 (just under a week from now).
IN ORDER TO VOTE, you will have to create an account on The Doorpost website and then WATCH EACH FILM in it's entirety. If you're willing to help, here's a summary of the process:
- go to
-select the "Sign Up" tab on the right. Follow the instructions. FYI, "Display Name" is like a signature and is the name people will see when you leave a comment, etc, so put whatever you want here (ie "filmpro"). "My Door URL" is the last characters of the web address you receive by signing up (
-upload a photo if you want to otherwise select "continue"
-select "Watch Now" below the film's image. OR select "Films" under the search bar at the top and then select "'09 Finalist Films". This will take you to the page where you can access all of the 10 films.

-LOG IN! A film will only be recorded as "viewed" if you LOG IN before you view it.
-You can either watch one film each day between Aug. 22-31 OR watch as many as you like between September 1-16.
-VIEW (WATCH) EACH FILM. You must watch each film COMPLETELY in order to vote. It's probably best to pace yourself and use the period between now and Sept. 16 to view each film. The reason for the viewing guidelines is to ensure that each film gets fair exposure and doesn't simply benefit from the number of supporters a film manages to garner.

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I actually found out that someone in one of my classes worked with him on something over the summer. I've been meaning to follow up on that. But now I can't remember which guy it was. Oops!

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