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September 12 2009

Firefly premieres tonight in Germany. Super RTL is showing "Serenity" at 10:10pm (or 10:15pm, depending on the sources). Link in german.

That's curious. Serenity has never aired in Germany? I wonder what's behind that.
Just to avoid confusion: By "Serenity" I'm referring to the pilot, not The Big Damn Movie. :)

The RTL group has been sitting on the rights to air it for years, AFAIK. Don't know what motivated them to air it now. (Still hoping it's connected to an as-of-now unannounced Dollhouse-pickup...:)
I take it as proof that our network execs do their jobs just as well as those anywhere else. Yay for meeting global standards!?
What do you know! Thanks for pointing that out, I would have missed it. It is on at 10:10pm in my area. I will be sure to check it out, if only to hear who they have dubbing the voices.
I guess the dubbing will be the same the dvd got. Which was horrible, to put it mildly. But I'm gonna skip that rant now for the sake of my day. Just wait for when River starts commenting on Mal's school days and his proficiency in Latin...
Just to avoid confusion: By "Serenity" I'm referring to the pilot, not The Big Damn Movie. :)
Thanks for the clarification, I thought you were talking about the BDM before. So is this the first time the series will be airing in Germany? And will it be dubbed in German?
Interesting. If the dub isn't too terrible maybe we'll get some new Browncoats.
I wouldn't count on new Browncoats. The network which airs the show is nearly non-existent.
And a programming-for-children one at that. Talk about a fitting place (and, you know, timeslot...).
I have 7&10 yo children so it is on more than I would like :-P. Think DisneyChannel/PBSkids/Nickelodeon type programming. It is a weird choice for Firefly.
well, a much more loving article in Spiegel Online, can be found here.
Guess the author is a regular visitor here on whedonesque too. Much of whedon/firefly love in his article, combined with the strong suggestion to see the original not the translation.
Germany was the first country to get the Once More With Feeling DVD and I should know, I bought it.
That Spiegel article is indeed nice. It seems to me that Firefly never lacked critical word-of-mouth praise in Germany. I discovered the name Whedon via a glowing article (with Joss- and Summer-interview) in the most awesome and dare I say highly influential magazine Spex, back when Serenity opened in cinemas. The love has been there ever since.

I just think that most potential Browncoats already have their DVDs at home, and that the few left unaware of this gem are most probably not looking to find interesting TV Saturdays at 10 on Super RTL.
And it's on! (God, I hate that dubbing.)
And out. Nice ride.

On the plus side: This was the first time I saw a different master tape of the pilot. No freeze frame error in the sponge bath scene.

I just realized that it was up against "Schlag den Raab" (the German "Beat the Star"), a mammoth show viewership-wise, American Idol-league. I predict that three and a half people have seen this ep on TV.
That Spiegel online article was quite nice. Hopefully it helps to find some more converts.
Another hint that this airing might be part of some Dollhouse-deal: From next Saturday on Firefly's lead-in will be a Tru Calling-rerun.
Well, and the spiegel article was totally right regarding the translation. "Lost in translation" was my very impression. You appreciate the original crew much more, when you see, what some uninspired voices and a not so great translation can do to the screenplay :(

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