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September 12 2009

Eliza Dushku and Dichen Lachman to appear in Self magazine. The description in the Boston Globe's celebrity news section is short but there's a great photo from the issue.

Mostly I dont object to pictures of women, as beautiful as Eliza and Dichen, i various forms of tight fitting clothes, but that one was a tad silly I'm afraid.
Satai Why is that one silly? They're doing...well, some form of fitness. Probably something to do with isometrics, I'd assume, since they look like they're pulling against each other.
I agree with Satai,looks very silly.
I think this was just a lost opportunity for them to use Dollhouse branded activewear. (I do sort of agree that even though what they're doing is perfectly reasonable there's something sort awkward about the photo. It's not exactly going for titillating I would hope and I just assume they're taking a proper stance for that activity, but maybe it's the slightly weird angle they're using so you can appreciate the scenery.
Yeah, there's definitely something bizarre - compositionally speaking, mind you - going on in that photo.
I echo the silly. I'm finding it endlessly amusing, which I don't think is the point.
Silly...but HOT!
No, not even hot. It just seem quite akward. Why not go with the traditional pillow fight I wonder?
Dollhouse Online has another pic from that shoot.
I think they hark back to a more innocent, less cynical era.
I like it because it's the only Dollhouse cast photo I've seen to date where it looks like they're having fun.

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