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September 12 2009

Dr Horrible WINS the Emmy. Just tweeted "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog wins #Emmys09 for Short-format Live-Action Special Class". Photo from Zack Whedon of the envelope. Some more photos from earlier of Team Horrible at the Emmys. Photo of Nathan and Emmy. Pic of the gang on stage. More pics in thread comments.

Took Numfar's link. Relinked to Emmy website with the news. Thanks Numfar.

Winner Circle.

Wireimage thumbnails Winner circle and stage, first 3 thumbnails.

Woot! Emmy-winning Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.
And the Dr. Horrible Twitter corroborates. Since, you know, the linked tweet was from such an unreliable source.

Congratulations Horrible team! You guys deserved it a hundred times. One will have to do for now, though.
Yes he did!
This is a sign that web content can get Emmys, too. Maybe next year it will be Felicia Day's turn, or Lisa Kudrow's, or the next big star hoping to make a splash with web-only shows. This is legend....ary!
Corrected link to be more exact.
Kick-ass and congratulations to everyone involved! Very very well deserved.
Congrats to the entire Dr Horrible team!
Jobo the Emmys are an unreliable source?
Z, consider adding the following link:

It's the page from the Emmys showing the winner of the category.

Just Awesome.
Can we correct the spelling of Zack's name too?
Felicia is all happy too. She tweeted "Dr Horrible WON!!!!!!!!!" and then " Is that the first time a show won an Emmy and never was on tv? :D"
WOO HOO! *does dance of joy*
Fan-freakin'-tastic! Congrats to all those connected to the Horrible-ness!
Doctor Steele will not be pleased.
Oh wow, congratulations to everyone involved! Nobody deserves it more. I know awards aren't everything, and it's the fans that count ;) but damn if it isn't good to see some official recognition. (so happy right now)
Crazy awesome! And totally deserved.
YAY!!!! znachki raises her Gin & Tonic in a toast to the Horrible cast and crew
Score one for Team Whedon. Gratz guys, you all deserve it.
Well deserved. But I'm still kinda pissed that Joss and the gang don't get the chance to do the whole acceptance speech thing. If anyone deserves it....
Now they can put a Emmy sticker on the DVD!
The Creative Arts Emmys air next Friday on E.
Just brilliant! Happy for our Horrible Heroes. As I twitted earlier, it kinda - to me, anyway - feels like a win somehow for the WGA Writers strike. Born from it, produced away from the major amptp producers & system, and now honored by the mainstream/system for its excellence.

I hope all Doc Horrible folks have a super-awesome-funtastic-happy-time celebrating tonight, and remember how much we love them. Woo and a final hoo!

Yes, indeedy, let me second that - that's Zack avec une KAY. (Or @ZDubDub in twitspeak. ; >)
heh, when i saw Maurissas tweet, I imagined her bouncing up and down at the emmys *G*
Never doubted it. As much as they screw up, the Emmys are bound to get some things right.

Isn't this also an amusing fact that Joss Whedon's first Emmy victory is a show not involved with any television network involvement?

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Congratulations Team Horrible!
This'll add a little spring to NPH's step when he hosts. Now if we could only get a clip -- or live song -- during the award ceremony...
Dr. Horrible as the opening number? Take that, Hugh Jackman.
Of course, it's unlikely, but imagine the doc vs. Wolverine. That's a cross-over and a half
This is the best thing I've heard all day!
So this is some internet thing?
So the NYC screening on 9/21 will be announced as "the Emmy award winning" Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along blog. Nice... (and with Joss and special guests [Nathan?] there too!)
The world makes sense again.
This is the ballad of Dr. Horrible
A blow against class warfare deplorable

Artists who struck for a place in the middle class
Produced this themselves and kicked some creative ass

Attend the tale of Dr. Horrible
An Emmy statue is unignorable!

Yes. And see if someone can printup some Emmy cardboard cutouts or something else similar to put up at the theater! Maybe catch some newbies!
Grats to all!
I totally heart how Dr H has gone from a random geek thing to being the little web production that could. And did.
I just feel like hugging everyone. But then, I'm kinda drunk, so...?!
I'm seriously tearing up here. I think this may be the first time I've ever actually cared who won an Emmy.
YES! Even though the Emmys seem to get it wrong all the time, it's still pretty awesome when they get it right. Congratulations to everyone involved. This is going to make the sing along next Monday even better.
Huge yays of awesome - congrats to the Horrible team, so well deserved. And extra sweet, because of what Quoter Gal mentioned - a child of the WGA strike.

Not too shabby competition either, this wasn't a slam-dunk.

Thanks to everyone for sharing pics, and to Pointy for the verse .... wait, this is beginning to sound like an acceptance speech. :)

Giddy now, you guys just rock.
Hee hee hee :)

Arise, ye musical geeks
Jazz hands waaavvvving free!
So awesome and made of win. Yay. :D \o/
congratulations to all!
Hey, it's me. Yes, nobody. I'll be quick cos I'm on an iPhone and my fingers are short and stubby (and deeply manly).

At the point of the strike, I remember joss posting a kinda-of call to arms thing here, where he referenced a bunch of us and - in effect - asked for our help with the situation. Kinda. Sorta. I remember him asking me (in said post) to help them get their word out. And I remember thinking 'How? Big Media has all the money and all the power of their platform'.

I replied to joss, here, saying respectfully - you've got that fight, we can try and help you win it, but you have the platform of fandom and talent to get something out there. A message.

I've no idea if he read that, or if anybody did since I loves me some speechification. But he and his friends went on to make an entirely indy production which won a fucking Emmy.

That speaks volumes to people I can't even begin to type (plus, iPhone). So happy.
Congrats to everybody involved. Horrible was fantastic and you all rock.
Congratulations to everyone involved! Now, more please?
So awesome. Totally deserved and way inspiring.
This is spectabfabulicious.
Guess I'm going to have to watch this now, huh?

'course, what with dial-up it's gonna take forfreakinever to download it...

But I kinda wanna know what all the fuss is about.
Go Team Horrible! They absolutely deserved to win.

Listening to the soundtrack in celebration.
ShadowQuest, I think you can buy it at Best Buy for $9.99. Or Lots of places carry the DVD, and I recommend that because of Commentary! The Musical. No downloading and lots of extra features.

I actually just watched all of the easter eggs today.

I think the ceremony is supposed to air in the US on E! channel on Friday September 18.
Congrats to the Whedon Bros, actors, and crew !
Congratulations!!!! Excellent!!!
What a lovely thing to wake up to. Congrats to everyone involved.
Lovely thing to wake up to, indeed!!
So very well deserved..

Go Team Whedon!!! :-D
I can't wait to see his acceptance next Friday. Even if youtubes show up I'm going to wait and make sure I get the full glory of it. :)

So when are we getting a sequel dammit!?
Congratulations and well done to all who brought Dr. Horrible to life!
Congratulations!!! It was most definitely well deserved! - Happy now... :)
Well, hurray and hurrah! Congratulations to all the Horrible gang.
Yay, made of win, Dr H truly is the little mushortio that could. Congratulations to all the gang, seeing good work rewarded gives me a case of the warm fuzzies.
Wahey! Awesomeness.
For whatever reason I always expected the envelope to be a lot more dramatic in terms of presentation. Like so as to minimize the potential leakage of the winner they hire 26 illiterate people to do calligraphy of each letter which is then pasted together by a monkey trained to recognize shapes.

In any case though, still neat!
Woop!!! Congrats and well done to everyone involved!
::does Numfar's Dance of Joy::

Hooray for Team Whedon! This is just so terrific!

And may I say, It's about friggin' time!
*does the Dance of Joy*

Congrats to everyone involved!!
I know this is several hours after the fact but I'm still so very excited about all of this. It's about damn time this camp got some official recognition!
Absolutely wonderful news, and we were just singing along with the Commentary last night too!!

Congratulations to the DrH team. Best.Emmy.Ever.
There are some short clips up at showing people on the red carpet. Seth Green (whose Robot Chicken did not win) is among them. There's a picture of him and Clare Grant here.
I am so beyond thrilled about this...there are no words.

'Except to say that the photo of the Emmy Winners is my new desktop background. And Congrats to everyone! :D

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Fantastic. Love the picture of everyone on stage. Who would have thought when we first heard about Dr. Horrible, that they'd end up accepting an Emmy. Of course, Joss should have won an Emmy before now, but there is something great that it came for this project and with members of his family.

Congratulations Team Horrible!!! Joss is finally an Emmy winner. How ironic is that?

I can't wait to tell my son. All of a sudden a week or so ago my son told me he was a huge fan of Dr. Horrible. It was so weird because I didn't get that feeling at all before. I mean we went to the sing a long at the Paley Center last spring and he enjoyed it, but I did not get the feeling he was all that keen. NOw he LOVES it.

Damn, I wish I could get a ticket for him for the show in NYC on the 21st.

[ edited by newcj on 2009-09-13 13:23 ]
What they all said. Well done TeamWhedon! About bloody time your collective awesomeness was recognised. \o/
Congratulations to everyone involved.
This is awesome ! I'm so happy for Joss and everyone.
Glad to see a Whedonesque project get the honor it deserves!
Fantastic! Congrats to all.
Congratulations Team Whedon and everyone involved - fantastic job and so well deserved!
Can't wait to hear Colbert b**ching about losing to Joss again: his tantrums over "Serenity" space module were hilarious! :)
I just watched it all again in celebration... what an amazing achievement.. great songs and amazing humour.... and did I mention the great songs?

So, so awesome. Congratulations Joss and Co.!
Whedon! Whedon! Whedon! Tancharoen!
Great big tanks of talent overflowin'!
Wonderful, wonderful news. FINALLY! Congratulations to all. *claps*
That is shiny indeed!

By the way, I know a bunch of us are going to the NYC screening (+ Q&A with Joss). How should we organize a Whedonesque meetup / dinner before the show?
I guess the Firefly emmy doesn't count as Joss winning, since it was for special effects?
WHOO HOO!!! Awesome! Congrats to all :D
I guess the Firefly emmy doesn't count as Joss winning, since it was for special effects?

Didn't Buffy also win an Emmy for Make Up for "Suprise"/"Innocence"?
I almost cried with joy when I heard this news.
No, only nominations *sigh*

Emmy Awards:

* Outstanding Hairstyling For A Series -- "Hell's Bells" (2002)
* Outstanding Makeup (non-prosthetic) for a Series -- "Hell's Bells" (2002)
* Outstanding Makeup (prosthetic) for a Series -- "Hell's Bells" (2002)
* Outstanding Music Direction -- "Once More with Feeling" (2002)
* Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Series -- "[Chosen]]" (2003)
Another "yay," another "congrats," another "well deserved" & another "about time"!
Hm, according to IMDb, we'd have to add:

* Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series -- "Hush" (2000)
* Outstanding Cinematography for a Single Camera Series -- "Hush" (2000)
* Outstanding Hairstyling for a Series -- "Beer Bad" (2000)
* Outstanding Makeup for a Series -- "The Zeppo" (1999)
* Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series -- "Lover's Walk" (1999)
* Outstanding Makeup for a Series -- "Suprise"/"Innocend" (1998) Won
* Outstanding Hairstyling for a Series -- "Becoming I & II" (1998)
* Outstanding Makeup for a Series -- "Welcome To The Hellmouth" (1997)

And I guess OMWF was "technically" nominated for writing.

I don't know how reliable IMDb is for that kind of stuff. But I do remember that "Hush"-nomination being mentioned on other places too. ;)
Woohoo! So deserved! Those pictures are so wonderfull. Anyone know if there are any vids available anywhere?

ETA: Hush atleast lost to The West Wing & Aaron Sorkin, there's no shame in that. The Once More With Feeling ballot thing on the other hand was just stupid.

[ edited by the Groosalugg on 2009-09-13 17:30 ]
That photo is perfect. So nice to see outstanding talent rewarded. I especially love that this added exposure (for the 3 people out there that haven't seen Dr. H already) will no doubt mean more success.

Is the acceptance speech available somewhere yet?
Congratulations, Dr. Horrible gang! Woohoo! Amazing news for me as a fan, so I can only imagine how rewarding that experience is for all of you!
Sweet! Congrats! Never has anyone so deserved their Emmy like this bunch.
wow,this is brilliant! I'm so happy about the DH team. It is most deserved. An Emmy!
Congratulations! Well done and well deserved.
Buffy did win a couple of Emmys in its second season, for makeup and a music composition category. And how do you "technically" get a nomination?
Well, never mind that, our Joss finally got the Emmy love because he made something that no one could ignore and everyone should praise.
So, when do we start the campaign to get Emmy recognition for "The Guild"?

[ edited by impalergeneral on 2009-09-13 19:02 ]
Is the acceptance speech available somewhere yet?

Considering that E! has the broadcast rights to the ceremony, don't expect anything like this until Friday when it airs, unless someone in the audience bootlegged it, which I doubt.

Getty Images and WireImage have some nice pics of Joss and co.

link 1:

link 2:
Hah. This one is the front-on of this one tweeting by Maurissa.
Congratulations to all!!! Well deserved.
Buffy did win a couple of Emmys in its second season, for makeup and a music composition category. And how do you "technically" get a nomination?

I only see one win for Makeup, any link to the other one?

And OMWF was nominated, but they forgot to put it on the ballot.
Congrats 2 all the Dr Horrible team, it was so deserved, I'm so chuffed for you all. It was a great way to wake up this morning finding out this news!
To wiesengrund,

try this link from Wikipedia, 1998 Emmy Awards. Christophe Beck was the winner here.
Congratulations to all the gang that put Dr. Horrible together! I was listening - and singing along - to the soundtrack and the Commentary again last evening, even before I knew about the win.

With Joss's gracious permission and assistance, CSTS events were allowed to show Dr. Horrible and the Commentary this year and it was very well-received by everyone at our event. A lot of positive comments - and new fans! :)
With Joss's gracious permission and assistance, CSTS events were allowed to show Dr. Horrible and the Commentary this year and it was very well-received by everyone at our event. A lot of positive comments - and new fans! :)

Off-topic, the final CSTS event this year, in Dublin, is a Dr. Horrible screening that accidentally happens on my birthday.
Congratulations to all involved! It is a well deserved win. :-)
Yeah!! I'm so happy for them :)
So, when do we get to see NPH and Nathan in costume fighting over the statuette?
This brought a tear to my eye. If anyone deserves it, it is Joss. Congratulations.
2009 is a great year for Joss and company. First Dollhouse was renewed, now this. I'm so happy for everyone involved in both endeavors.
gossi: "I've no idea if he read that, or if anybody did since I loves me some speechification. But he and his friends went on to make an entirely indy production which won a fucking Emmy."

I've located the WHEDONesque Joss-post you mentioned: here and while Joss was asking us for ideas/ways to help get the word out specifically about the Pencils 2 Media Moguls strike campaign, what is actually fascinating to see today about his post is that it's obvious that Joss was already working on Doctor Horrible when he mentioned you & the rest of us. Note that his post contains:

"Best, Dr Horri -- a man"

It's very cool to notice in retrospect - knowing what we know now, and via his sly hints - that he was already working on his Emmy-winning production just a few weeks after the strike began.
Congrats guys! Seeing that photo of Joss holding the Emmy he just won.
What a wonderful couple, Joss and Emmy!
It's about time!
People on Buffy won the two Emmys, not Joss. Now Joss has won an Emmy.
Oh, right, impalergeneral, it's actually on IMDb too. I was just to stupid to read it. :)
Congratulations to Joss and the Dr. Horrible team.
Wow. I never thought I'd see Joss holding one. This is awesome! Let's see if Dollhouse can make it next year.
Yeah, that's great. But would it have killed Whedon to button up his shirt and wear proper shoes?
Congrats, Joss. I loved it and you deserved the Emmy!
What did his speech say?!
As it has already been stated many times in this very thread, the creative awards will be broadcast this Friday on E.
what is actually fascinating to see today about his post is that it's obvious that Joss was already working on Doctor Horrible when he mentioned you & the rest of us.

It's also really interesting that in the same post we can see that Joss was toying with the Epitaph One idea of calling everyone on the planet simultaneously.
Congrats to Joss and all involved. A well-deserved honor.
By the way, since the Emmy has come and gone and there was no short filmed Dr. Horrible segment as some people speculated, doesn't this suggest that they might have been filming a Dr. Horrible sequel the other week when those pictures went online?

Ugh, that's a long sentence but I'm too lazy to split it up
The Emmys are not gone. This was just the Creative Arts part, the "real" Emmys, hosted by NPH, will be on Sunday. If there's no Dr. Horrible-connected short there, then we can do what we do best: Continue speculating about what they were filming. ;)
Let Down, the main emmy award show that NPH is hosting will be next Sunday. That is when people were speculating the Dr. Horrible short might show up. There are two ceremonies.
Ah, oops. Thanks guys.

By the way, I have a transcript of the acceptance speech.

Maurissa: Wow, we are so thrilled.
Joss: I ...
Kanye West: Yo Joss, I'm gonna let you finish but The Face of the Enemy was the best Short-format Live Action video of all time! Of all time!!!
My Internet-fu is faster than yours, I made that joke on Twitter last night. ;)

Actually, that just means we are both kind of lameish, I think
Congratulations, It couldn't have happened to an eviler bunch.
Actually, that just means we are both kind of lameish, I think

Haha yeah, I wouldn't be admitting to having come up with that first. I was embarassed myself when I posted it
Herzlichen Glückwunsch, team! You earned it. A lot.

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