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"I wanted to do a show about people who are not 'super,' just working-class people, the people history steps on. (Joss on Firefly)"
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September 12 2009

Stacey Scowley appearing in Season 2 of Dollhouse. "It's the happiest day of my life!" Also, pic from Eliza here.

The bride from the unaired pilot will be making two appearances in season two as "Cindy" (ep 3, "Instinct" and ep 5, "The Public Eye").

She was also a "Young Woman" in two eps of Buffy.

Filmography says she was in a BtVS ep. Which one?
Sleeper and Conversations with Dead People. I don't recognize her, though.
Wasn't she the woman Spike bit at the end of CWDP?
She was the blonde that we see Spike talking to - and then drinking - in "Conversations with Dead People" and then we see her again in "Sleeper" as a vamp.

(Edited to re-phrase and be more specific, because I'm a perfectionist. :P)

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Wow, OK. Has Whedonesque been running SUPER SLOW for anyone else? Ever since about the middle of this summer, anything and everything on the site takes an age to load. :(
That's so funny. I Google imaged her face, and I was like, "I know her, but where from?"

I knew her from the original pilot of Dollhouse ("It's the happiest day of my life!"), Spike's victim in CWDP, and as a sorority girl in one of my favorite scenes from Alias. It's great to see her getting a better role.
Hah! Yes ma'am! Nailed it when Eliza originally posed the question on twitter. Woo-hoo!

*settles down.*

I mean, goodness gracious, I was apparently correct when I suggested to Eliza that the answer to her question "Do you know this woman?" was in my humble opinion Stacey Sowley./more calm & self-possessed

I'm so glad she got re-cast on Dollhouse after her Bride-stuff (and the rest of the pilot) didn't air - she's really appealing and very funny.

I've been looking for her to get bigger and better roles after she was so alive & expressive with just a few moments in that Kia commercial some years ago.

She needs to get more parts more often. Looking forward to seeing her work in Dollhouse.

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Loved the title of this Whedonesque. Loved it.
I think she was also the waitress in my favorite Coinstar commercial from several years ago. Basically, there's an obnoxious customer who tips the waitress by slipping coins into her front pocket. Then one day, when he slips the coins in, he gets zapped. Cut to the waitress taking her new stun gun out of her front pocket and putting it in her locker after work. The smirk on her face was priceless.
If 2x05 "The Public Eye" really does "likely air Oct. 30", Dollhouse will skip a week during it's first five weeks.
wiesengrund: I was really just taking a stab at airdates; I got that from The Futon Critic's list of airdates. However, since it doesn't include episode titles and press releases beyond the season premiere, I figured I'd hedge with "likely."
Ah, thanks for that link. The question then remains, why the Futon Critic is convinced that Dollhouse will not air on October 16th.
Isn't she Nick's brother Kelly's girlfriend? 'cause...I've seen her listed w/him whenever there's a convention that gets the "less common" actors. And they're usually in photo ops together.

I could be wrong, but I thought that's what I understood, when I asked someone once, "Well, I know who Kelly is, but who's this Stacey person?" and they said "She was Spike's victim" and either said or strongly implied that they were an item. Her and Kelly, I mean, not her and Spike. 'cause...ya know...vampire and victim don't make a couple.
This site, which has pictures of Dichen on location shooting Ep. 4, states that it is scheduled to air on October 16th.

Doesn't explain the schedule listed by The Futon Critic, but it is some info.
Baseball playoffs will pre-empt everything on Fox on 10/16. Normal operating procedure, folks. Not a conspiracy.
Buhu. Yep, looks like there's some baseball slotted in there.
Not panicking at all. It was just new info to me. :)

I'm guessing Baseball will be on Fridays more than once?
Looking closer at the MLB post season schedule, the Friday night 10/16 game will be on Fox. I see no other Friday nights at all on the Fox post season schedule. (scroll down)

Fox carries the ALCS and the World series and there are no other Friday games scheduled. TBS carries the Division championships and the NLCS where there are a couple Friday games.

edited because JMaloney pointed out that I can't read so well. :) Thanks, JMaloney

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Fox carries the ALCS and the World series and there are no Friday games scheduled.

October 16th is definitely on the schedule for the ALCS: see Game 1 for the American League, about halfway down the page you linked.
I just wanted to leave a comment because, though I had never heard of her before, I actually was at a stand-up comedy show tonight (technically last night now, as it's almost two in the morning; Sunday night, is what I'm saying) and, because of this thread, when they announced the next performer was Stacey Scowley, I was like, "Holy crap! Is that the name of that girl they were talking about on Whedonesque?" Sure enough, after the show, I talked to her. She was very sweet, even though I reckon it was kinda weird: "Were you on two episodes of 'Buffy'?" "Yes..." "And are you gonna be on a few episodes of 'Dollhouse'?" "Um... yeah..." "Cool. There's a whole thread about you on Whedonesque!" "On what?" And then I had to tell her all about it, and when she asked if she even had lines on "Buffy," I told her about how her scenes in "CwDP" fit into it all. She said, "Oh, that's right! I was his first kill, or something, right?" I said, "Well, his first after he got his soul. He used to be all badass, and... I'm not normally this particular kind of weird and dorky. Just so you know."

Anyway, she was awesome, and I thought that was kinda cool.
That is kinda cool, XanMan, and even cooler that you told her about this thread & she can come see that folks 1) know about her and 2) were pleased she was on Dollhouse this season.

It can't hurt to read all the good stuff you can in that ego-poking business.

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