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September 13 2009

Alan Tudyk's Funny or Die video. Alan has uploaded a new video to called Carl Hobbs : Punting Coach.

The FOD exclusive video was written and directed by Josh Simpson.

Hysterical. Alan is a complete nut.
Funny! "Tomato, potato." Alan is delicious. Carl Hobbs? Not so much.
The world needs more Alan Tudyk.
I hope everyone remembers that he is in V which premieres in November. He is awesome in the pilot.
TamaraC, is the V pilot available online, or have you seen an advance copy?
If Alan Tudyk keeps this up, I may need another hernia operation.
Alan is so derned funny ... someone get this man a sitcom.

SteveP, the V pilot was shown at San Diego Comic-Con.

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SteveP, what MizBehavin1 said. I saw it at Comic-Con.
this video is awesome. totally awesome.
Hee, Alan!!! I love this man! I hope V does well because I need weekly Alan fix..
(oh well, I also hope to see him in *another* show, of course..!)
Methinks Alan channeled a bit of Plano, Texas into that routine lol.
He creates such interesting characters. Ditto to him deserving a sitcom.
oh. . .my. . . GOD!
This was hilarious.
Totally agree with SteveP
Kinda lame, IMO (plus Alan's accent slipped more than a couple times), though I got a laugh out of "Kick everything!" and the sequence following. I dunno, egotistical athletes have been done better (see: Danny McBride in Eastbound and Down on HBO).

It led to checking out some funnier stuff on Funny or Die though. Swords for instance, which was the one that popped up next when I clicked on "next" (it said "1 of 3" underneath the window for Alan's punting character, so I thought there'd be more of that, but it just led to Swords instead). Surprised there's still some mileage in toilet humor.

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