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September 13 2009

(SPOILER) IGN has more info on Summer Glau's "Dollhouse" role. Some very specific information describing who her character is going to be, and what not.

must not read must not read must not read aaiiiihhh!
You know you want to Pointy. Glau spoiler!

the little spoiler devil on your shoulder
I read! And am now even more excited for this! Yay!
Not what I expected, but VERY intriguing. :)
Well, since I live near DC I now have to keep my eyes open wide for any familiar faces...
Not what I expected, either, but I can definitely see it working.
Hmmm "a FOX-related source" eh?
SteveP - Movies and TV shows are big cheating cheaters! I'm sorry to say the likelihood of them actually leaving southern California to shoot anything for Dollhouse is about as good as the likelihood they'd get renewed for season 2 after the season 1 ratings they got. Then again, they beat the odds that time...
Since Bones is set in "DC" and they rarely leave the Fox lot, I'm pretty sure Dollhouse will stay on the lot as well. :)
What? You mean all those shows where they go to "London" and with all those red double decker buses and you can see Big Ben out of every hotel window are not filmed in London?
OK, so no Alexis & Summer in DC. But I'm still gonna see Joss in NYC on the 21st so... (*smirk*)
Even West Wing only filmed certain scenes here in DC. Watching Bones always makes me want to move to the very not real Bones DC. There's so little traffic! And that Chinese place looks great.
CSI-NY shoots for 10 months every season. The total time out of that 10 months that they shoot in NYC is 2 weeks.

I heard that Firefly often traveled to other planets though! Waste of money if you ask me, they all look like SoCal! |-P
That CSI NY thing is accurate? I was under the impression that pretty much every single NYC based actor appears in that at least once as like dead body #1. ...Unless I'm thinking more of the various Laws and Orders.

I'm curious what route they take with the DC dollhouse though, assuming we actually get to see it rather than have characters visit there off screen. I can kind of see them recycling the Wolfram e Hart joke/cost saving measure by having all branches of the company look exactly alike. However, I do wonder if with the staff whether they'd be inclined to have them be weirdly familiar or polar opposites. I'm generally more amused by the latter but it'd be interesting to see Glau be outright goofy rather than the usual stoicism she normally portrays.
You're thinking of the various Law & Orders, which are in many ways a New York Actor Employment Act.
If there was ANY way to make me more excited about season two, yeah, this would be it.

Well, this OR Chiwitel Edjiofor as Adelle's boss.
Alexis and Summer in the same episode! Sweeettt!!!

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